The Huon Highway – Tasmania

bruny-is-campTraveling around Tassie as we are, choosing the best place to be over the Christmas-New Year period was one of our dilemmas. We prefer freecamping, or National Park camps and State Reserves, this to most caravan parks and that it was the Christmas – New Years ‘between’ period was a major consideration. We tested the waters by choosing the most remote spot on the Tassie Isle that we could. Given that we are now on the Eastern Coast, and given that the crowds were fast building around the Capital Hobart, we decided to head south, down the Huon trail as far as we could. Continue reading

Van Diemans Land and the Bushmen


Hobart and districts, which sprawl up the shoreline of the Derwent River, hold a wonderful history and is one of the major draws to visiting Tasmania. It is a history that the Government tried to loose back in 1856 when they renamed the southern Island of Australia, Tasmania.

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A Tassie Christmas Season


Touching ground on the most southern road in Australia in the remote SE of Tasmania was a special moment for us. We spent a few days down in Cockle Creek, at the National Park camp, which only required the wonderful ‘National Park Pass’… a must for the Tassie adventurer. There are a few public camp spots at the end of the track as well, but we found the NP camp the most accommodating and certainly worth every cent of its relatively meagre cost for the Parks Pass which covers so much of Tas’.

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Camping Through the Central High Plateau of Tasmania

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Tassie is a gem for the free camper and economic traveller, this as long as you are self-sufficient and this includes a grey water capture system. Irresponsible campers are mostly not welcome in the sensitive World Heritage area’s and National Parks & reserves due to the wild life and their need for clean water and an unpolluted environment. However fortunately some National Parks provide toilet facilities and this helps preserve the pristine nature of the environment, it also accommodates campers and those without the essential catchment systems. Continue reading

The Cradle in the Mountain

cradle-mountain-shotThere are usually two things which every traveller or tourist plans on when they come to The Apple Isle. One is to visit the iconic and unique Port Arthur, the infamous penal settlement and model prison of its colonial era. It once was a place of immeasurable suffering inflicted on the convicts and those born to poverty, in another time. The other is to chance their luck on hopefully experiencing the beauty of Cradle Mountain.

Cradle Mountain is part of the Tasmanian World Heritage area’s to be found in the central and South West of this gorgeous Isle. It is a World Heritage site for a very good reason. The Cradle Mountain and Lake Snt Clair National Park is simply stunning in its natural beauty and rare, breathtaking wilderness, but this is not only why it proudly carries a World Heritage Listing.

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The World of Gondwana – Tasmania

gondwana-landscapeWe’ve been stepping through the ancient Tarkine forests these last weeks, discovering the places reminiscent of Gondwana Land. Tasmania has some of the few remaining forests on Earth which breath quietly and tell the tale of this ancient continent. One split apart giving birth to the ark that is Australia. It is relatively easy to find a true wilderness here in the wild Tarkine, in the remote NW of Tasmania. It is a place where ancient trees loom over you, one where you can see strange water falls that appear to have been built by a childish hand, a playful spirit stacking building block upon building block in columns, to create something that is natures own version of lego-land. Continue reading

Where the Platypus Swim


Tasmania is proving to be something of a discovery and delight even though we have visited this wild island before. Becoming accustomed to the nightly song of the penguins has been an adventure but we have also been told that the platypus are quite prolific as well and are much treasured amongst the islands wildlife.

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