It Rains in a Rainforest – Oldies at Large

KurandaBeing camped up in a rainforest brings its own delights, the least of which is the nightly orchestra of bugs and frogs, often accompanied by the steady beat of rain on the caravan roof. This is something that is a particular delight given that we have spent the last 18 months chasing the sun around Aus’. We have been yearning for rain for some time and here up in FNQ, in the tropical rainforests along the Cairns escarpment it has at times been a muddy delight.

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On the Road Again – Oldies At Large

JanI love visiting home and I hate it. It brings with it all those jobs, which non-home owners so much enjoy to miss. I’m not just talking only about the maintenance, the lawns and the gardening along with other responsibilities but calling in at home brings those pleasures that actually draw me home. Those pleasures, such as the gardening, the lawns and maintenance (especially the purchasing of new items). It also brings the family, those lifetime friends and your deep involvement in other peoples lives, which despite everything, is often a deep and personal pleasure.

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Traveling Australia – Oldies at Large

cover blogDiscovering Australia and Her Lore

Touring is now a way of life for The Man and myself and it is a life that we have come to love. We travel the ribbon of tar, often venturing off the track and down along the dusty reaches of Country, finding those hidden places and discovering over and again the secrets of this beautiful and challenging country. You can follow our journey here, but as we have been journeying for a number of years now and back beyond that, it is an ongoing and growing thing. I have compiled our experiences, while we have travelled throughout 18 months, into a travelogue of time and journeys. These are listed on Oldies at Large for simple reference. These experiences also make up a tome that will be freely available for download at for a short period, this celebrating the anniversary of our retirement. Discovering Australia and Her Lore is the tale in the beginning of our journey into retirement and our travels. It will be available for free for a few days only in the beginning of Nov 2015. Continue reading

Spirit Creatures of Australian Aboriginal Lore

IMG_1063Interpreting the world around us, or understanding a world that is as spiritual as it is physical is one of the most delightful challenges I have experienced in discovering the ancient Lore of Tribal Australia. As I child I wandered the Aussie bush with an often wary childish delight. There you can feel the presence of many worlds, the touch of ancient spirits and come to understand more deeply the legends of Aus’.

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The Land Downunder and it’s Ancient Lore – Australia

AboriginieAustralian Aboriginal Lore is the most ancient continuous Lore known in the world of man. It has been practiced and has evolved in one continuous evolutionary stream over some 50,000 – 60,000 years of the known history of man. This was on one vast secluded continent of the earth, the largest island on our globe. These clans and tribes of ancient Aus’ moved around within their ‘Country’ following their marriage and trade Lore, this, which governed their lives and practices. This Lore had evolved within boundaries and continuous practices, found in ceremonies developed over countless eons of time.

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Outback Pubs – Australia

Pub grubI have a love of the Outback Pub, the pub lunch/dinner and particularly the character of such places. Like the American roadside diner they are becoming few and far between but when you find one… well they are worth their weight in gold.

Unlike the American diner, the Aussie country pub is often the pure centre of the community… it is the community! It is a place to meet and greet, a place to relax, not just eat. Usually the company is unsurpassed in its individuality, entertainment and variety. Pub grub is my favourite meal, usually hearty, healthy and plentiful… it competes well with fast food, in fact it leaves fast food chains in the shade. Continue reading

The Red Heart of Aus’ – The Macdonnell Ranges

Macdonnel rangesFor over 300 million years they have stood sentinel, a time span in which man barely figures. Once they rivalled the Himalayan mountains, in an eon before the Himalayan mountains were even conceived, but now they are worn down to the earth. They are one of the greatest and oldest mountain ranges on the planet. Continue reading