Around the Campfire Series

Around the Campfire Series.

Around the Campfire Series

Around the Campfire Series

Travels and Tales from Around the Campfire. Candid stories of travelling around Aus. Light and entertaining reads. Come travel with us as we take you across Australia in a series of entertaining travelogues and campfire stories.

See Australia as you have not seen her before, through the eyes of her people.

Jan Hawkins – Author

To read more travel tales, or explore the world of the Australian Aboriginal Shaman told in a fictional tale and to discover other works on traveling around Aus. visit my web at and check out the discounts available for my readers and friends on ‘Where to find Jans Books’. My books can also be found at in both print and e-book. e-books are available from $3.99-$5.99 at

Or join me on twitter at @janhawkinsAU

A Goodreads Author, you can discover more at my Goodreads Author Page or drop me a line at any time.

My Blog: is at WordPress. Call in and read the latest.

Author on Facebook: Keep up with my travels and projects on Facebook. Become a ‘friend’ and join in my journey.

The Official Facebook page for the  The Dreaming Series  is where you can discover the research behind the stories and meet others with similar interests and become part of discovering an Ancient world.

Facebook Page: Flash Fiction :  Meet e  :  A Sci-fi mystery, a new world, one which touches us all.  A short and entertaining read.

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