Flash Fiction – Should it Leave You with a Question?

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Sitting at a table in the sun, with the son and joking fit to giggle my little flash fiction was born. I enjoy the interaction of Facebook, I enjoy hearing from friends throughout my day and I enjoy annoying the doings out of my kids. They can be so easy to annoy, so easy to inspire to a view that is irrelevantly amusing. Aghh life can be good sometimes.

However, back to Flash Fiction… I have discovered this new genre for the first time when putting fingerprint to key. I must admit I am a reader who enjoys a good lengthy saga, anything under 350 pages and I consider it a midnight read. If I find a book, or better a series that keeps me enthralled for more than four days I am in heaven. Perhaps I am hard to amuse but unfortunately this is my malady.

Which is why, when I completed my four book series, The Dreaming, I was amazed when those involved publishing advised that I split the books into a series of eight. To me it seemed inconceivable at first as each book was the story of an individual Aboriginal Shaman, a paranormal tale of love and adventure, or conflict where they seek to find their way through towards the life they choose to live, despite all else and yes… their length varies from 450-550 pages in print. The tale told in the complete series is something of a revealing saga, but an interesting one that takes you on many turns through the pages.

So each of the four books is a tale of conquest and struggle and to split the tale, or any of the books into two would be… well would be like how they split the last book of the Twilight Series when making the movie. The last movie, while relevant was long, drawn-out and suffered for it. I didn’t want my readers to have to wait… and wait… and wait while I filled in the spaces that should have been given breath in the world you explore in the telling of a story. A sense that could bring with the last few chapters the feeling of satisfaction you should feel when you place a book back on the shelf.

When the four books are combined and read as an adventure in whole, they do indeed have a continuance, which is a foray into another world. The fourth and final book, while it will stand on its own as with the others, does bring the reader insight into what is an ancient Lore existing today in its remnant. Or does it? The books are stories drawn and crafted in a real and ancient world, one hidden from eyes for reason.

escapes kindleFlash Fiction though, that is a new genre to me as I have mentioned and it has a different purpose than a novel in many ways. My first venture into Flash Fiction was some 20-30 pages and some would say that is not flash enough. But to me it achieves the desired outcome and that is when the reader places their e-reader aside, they are left with a remnant rambling around their thoughts. Or the proverbial – What if?

The flight of the mind which books can take you on is precious to me and this is what I have tried to entice my reader with. What if…  What if it were true? What if it were possible?

My little Flash Fiction, e … is a probability, even a possibility. What if…?  I do love those words. It is a Sci-fi fantasy, one that touches on the world of Facebook, grazing across our world from Cyber and Sci-Fi. A world we think we have created but What if…? What if Cyber created Us in the end? Just how could such a thing be possible?

Escapes cover 1 copyHitting the shelves this week is another thought… another small Flash Fiction called e-scapes that continues with the question of What if…? You just might be surprised where it leads you as e introduces you to her world, her reality, the scape of her existence.

Go on… take a peek at e‘s story and enjoy the adventure, a flight of fantasy … or is it? Get a sneak peek for e here at Amazons ‘sneak peek’ or pop over to check out the continuing questions in e.scapes and I would love to hear your thoughts. Ongoing discussion on probabilities is encouraged at e‘s Facebook page. Come and join in the fun of considering the possibilities with other readers.

Happy reading everyone!

Jan Hawkins – Author

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