What to do with a Crocodile in the Bathtub

NFQ Croc'

NFQ Croc’

Travelling into croc’ country has its advantages, amongst these is rather than the croc’ eating you, you get to make a meal of him. Having recently returned from Far North Queensland where crocodiles abound the souvenir I came back with was a croc’ … One perfectly dead and frozen in my hand luggage.

Now I know to some of you this may sound a tad weird but I was so hoping the search and destroy guy at the security check-in was gunna search. It didn’t happen but the frozen croc did last the two-hour flight, this after it had been dissected within an inch of its life and processed to eatable portions.

First… cut off the tail. Second… bone out the thing or segment along the backbone to steaks and strips. croc minceThird… mince remainder.

I want to point out that it takes a licence to hunt and kill these particular reptilian species and rightfully so. There are enough unlicensed gung-ho vigilante types up north to deal with, without adding me to their list of nutters who hunt down and kill these magnificent predators. There are far better ways to deal with a population explosion and that is to eat-em. As they are a apex predator then it is fitting that hunting them down for whatever reason should require a licence and a tad of common sense, all of which so many would be hunters are lacking more often than not.

Crocodiles are primeval beasts and croc’ attacks happen way to regular for my liking. They are not easily tamed if they are tameable at all and tragedies occur regularly in the Northern Australian region. It doesn’t help that tourists delight at someone dangling enticements for wild croc’s to snap at… give it some thought! It is very like a fisherman dangling a bait trying to catch a barra. Not to mention the ever-present threat when the croc’s decide that every boat represents a feed.

bathtub croc

Anyways… I have a croc in my bathtub defrosting and I didn’t catch it myself.

preping crocSo what to do with it? My fortune is that Son No.1 is a chef and a boner as well as something of a bushman, a talent he gets from his Dad. Crocodile is a fish and a reptile and should be lightly cooked or it turns to leather as with eel or octopus and squid. It is most appreciated when it is sliced into small rounds or fingers and then complimented with a light batter like tempura. You can serve them in a salad bed of vast variety and with glass noodles or a light noodle. Wallah! Spectacular!Croc nuggets

Herbs and spices that compliment crocodile are best when they are Australian native spices, peppers and citric’s however you can get some good ideas from this blog-spot. Having said that… I will add that I don’t like blanched croc but much prefer it lightly fried in a good light frying oil. And what does it taste like?

Crocodile of course!

Destined for the table using the mince in patties, spring rolls & pies. Lightly fried and served on a bed of salad and noodles will be the tempura croc bites… yum.

Happy reading!


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