Nulla Nulla : An Australian Colonial Anthology

Nulla_Nulla_Cover_for_Kindle copy

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Aside post 30/10/2013 :

For two days only you will be able to download Nulla Nulla for free from

This is an Australian anthology by Cecil Mackaway, a collection of narratives, poems and a fun read. If you don’t have a Kindle e-reader then turn your ipad or computer into an e-reader with the free program Calibre. This is a great little program that not only organizes your e-library but allows you to read your e-books in from a range of platforms. All for free.

Nulla Nulla is one of the books in the ‘Around the Campfire Series‘ and invites you to step back into Colonial Australia through the eyes of one who lived it. Available in e-book and print, this has to be one of my favourite anthologies.

Cecil Roy Mackaway grew up in the Hunter Valley north of Sydney, touched by a time now passed. Fresh from the influenced of a family with a convict colonial history he witnessed a world, seen from a unique view. His stories and poems bring to life the Australian colonial era and life lived from the Bushman’s perspective. Not always politically correct in today’s society, he none the less brings a richness and variety to our history and the tale of life as it was lived in the bush in a era now gone.

Life in this era was not easy, and often not even comfortable but it did bring with it our unique character, a temper, one that is as Australian as the broad expanses of an endless horizon and the carol of a brilliant night sitting around the campfire.

A special gift for my readers and followers.

Happy Reading!

Around the Campfire Series

Around the Campfire Series

4 thoughts on “Nulla Nulla : An Australian Colonial Anthology

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  2. We are so pleased, and a little surprised, to see such a beautiful published version Roy Mackaway’s Nulla Nulla. You see, my partner is Roy’s grandson who tells me he sat with his Pop for many hours as he one-finger-typed poems and stories. We have a copy of the original version and I now have ordered a hardcopy and downloaded the e-book of this 🙂

    • Thank you for your comments EllaDee, it was such a pleasure to work with Roy all those years ago on the original script and I made him a promise that if ever I could, I would publish his works if the opportunity arose. Fortunately it did.
      I hope you enjoy the publications… I have tried not to alter his original script though I knew that it would have challenges for an international readership. There is something unique and apt about his turn of phrase that has a charm all of his own.

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