– Kindle Launches Matchbook!

Kindle matchbook has now launched Matchbook for its customers.

Matchbook is an innovative program where you can get an e-book version of any print book you purchase for much less than you would pay, or even for FREE.

As an Author I have come right on board for this program as I feel it is a great concept for readers. In the ‘Around the Campfire’ series there are a number of print versions available, mostly for the more popular of the series.

When you buy a print copy you are offered the e-book for FREE and if you have bought a print copy in the past you can now download your e-book for FREE.

Around the Campfire Series

Around the Campfire Series

With The Dreaming Series, if you have bought the print version the e-books are now available for $1.99.

The Books of The Dreaming Series

The Books of The Dreaming Series

I would like to invite you to take advantage of the downloads if you have bought the print versions previously. E-book’s seem to be the way of the future as they take off in the literary world.

To purchase your print books – Don’t forget to check out the discounts available also on my Web Site which will off-set postage.

In the management of your e-book library I would recommend Calibre as a great little management program. It is available for FREE on the internet. You can set this little program up on your computer and when you download a e-book or even a pdf file, you can import this into your library via the import facility and then when you attach your e-reader to your computer you can shift the e-books between the two devices.

I have found Calibre a great little program which aids in the backup of my digital library. It also acts as a e-reader on your computer.

Enjoy reading everyone!


Ps… if you would like an amusing little tale, check out e and e.scapes which both come on-lline for free downloads from 30th Oct (US time). This is the Flash Fiction series and is light entertainment for the curious. Enjoy

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