Perils of Being a 30’s Somethings’ Mum

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 8.43.05 amMy son got home this morning… emphasis on ‘this morning’ and in 70’s something lingo my Baby Boy scored. Don’t cringe! Can I help it if I am a Pre-politically correct generation? Hmmm.

Yep. I have been known to make even my Littl’ Sister squirm and stare… but them’s the breaks. I say it as I see it and mind… I don’t get offended at all if you tell me I am a bogan. At times I am just that but I’m old enough not to give a damn… although I don’t see it myself. Just wait for it and I am bound to offend you at sometime without even trying. I don’t mean to but I do manage it often enough to have a rep’ for speaking before I’m thinking.

Mostly when it comes to the kids-inlaws as well as the kids-outlaws, and our 30’s Something Baby Boy has just recruited another Outlaw for us… Little does she know what she is in for, poor girl but we welcome her. His siblings don’t know it yet but it’s been 5 minutes and I have great hopes for an improved number at the Chrissy dinner table and already am making contingently plans for the presents.

I am the mum of a tribe of Over 30’s and it is all something of a unique experience (at least for me), could it get any more intricate as it is following their lives…? I doubt it. At anytime you can acquire another whole host of Grandies… those little vegemiters who rat around the dinner table and upon whom you tend to dote. Life can be very exciting and no one tells you of these perils when you bring home that little bundle of life-long joy albeit 30 years ago. So I thought it was about time someone got around to mentioning the pleasures and perils of the 30’s Something’s parent just for a change of pace.

I know there is a lot of advice out there for new parents, for growing up the babies and then there are those who are being dragged screaming through their offspring’s childhood years about which we hear volumes but there ain’t much out there for the parents of that 30’s Something crowd. I don’t know why… as they are a mobile and interesting lot. Your welcome to share your experiences with us here, but if you are of the 30’s Something crowd… don’t pick on us. You do it… we knew it.

Their antics are often hugely entertaining and I love to dig deep and discover what they have been up to, much to their disquiet. They usually let me dig because the alternative is letting me guess and THAT can be even more embarrassing. They already think I set out just to embarrass them sometimes I’m told and I don’t even try to do that either. This is life as a 30’s Something parent. Most every parent is gunna get there one day eventually. As a Doc’ once told me… no matter WHAT you do your kid is gunna grow up!

One of the nice things about being a parent is that you get to live or rather experience extended lives. Those of your kids as they drag you though the experiences of life, along with the disappointments, the divorces, the marriages, the break-ups and the Grandies… aghhh the Grandies are the best of all!

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 8.37.56 amI love the holidays… those that come with visiting the 30’s something kids who will scatter themselves around the country, some say its because they are trying to avoid us but I have a practice of visiting them as much as I can… whether they like it or not, such is life and it can be taken in doses, but back to Baby Boy’s antics.

Our Baby Boy is not such a baby though his ex might disagree with me. Princess Biopolar tends to disagree with every breath I take but that is neither here nor there. She has something very precious of mine and that is a Grandie so I tolerate a lot of crap from Princess Biopolar and we generally stay clear of each other. We have what I term, a working relationship… one that goes home once it has worked and doesn’t come back until we work at it again. She has even met the new Outlaw … try as she did to discourage the budding friendship. Princess Bipolar’s opinion didn’t carry much weight in the end which is just as well and we are looking forward to meeting the new Outlaw ourselves eventually.

Yep… I haven’t met our new Outlaw yet though and I live in hope. I am still thinking on those extra Chrissy pressies and I also live in hope of acquiring another 4yr old Grandie any week now so life is looking good. The perils of Grandchild rearing are many and vast but there is nothing quite like a family gathering where all the Grandies are ratting about, playing, fighting and making merry and this is what I am most looking forward to on Christmas day.

Bring it on I say… Life is meant to be good but it surely can be exiciting too.

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