The Ancient Legend of the Min Min Lights

Min MInThe mysteries of the Min Min lights in Outback Queensland have been around since the Dreamtime. When Australia was first colonized two hundred years ago and as the whitefella’s moved into the Outback the notoriety of the Min Min became legend.

But what are these strange orbs of light that bring portend to those who they menace? The jury is still out, but Aboriginal Lore will tell of their legend and their power.

Above is a picture taken recently from Tjapukai, a world renown Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Cairns and one of my favourite memories I like to revisit when considering all that is wonderful in this ancient culture. The oldest continuous culture in existence on the earth today. The picture has not been doctored by the way, it is as real as you or I though the mechanism of the reality is a mystery.

While the legend of Min Min lights exist all over the Australian continent they concentrate along the eastern sea board and particularly in the dry Outback regions of Queensland. I personally have seen these little blighters and they live, they exist in reality and they move with lightening speed. You can read about my own personal encounter with the Min Min in ‘An Australian Dinosaur Tour‘  available in e-book from the ‘Around the Campfire Series’. This tale is a candid account of my travels on the dinosaur trail in Outback Queensland, seeking out evidence of our own unique brand of Dinosaur and Megafauna and visiting the dig sites that are scattered about the country.

During this tour we took the opportunity to visit Boulia in the Outback and the Min Min Museum there and what a wonderful visit it was.

The story of the Min Min is a delightfully mysterious legend and one that I write about in the ‘Spirits of the Rock‘ Book 3 of The Dreaming Series which can be found also at my Web site. In Book 3 you will explore and discover the legend of the Min Min and its origins as Andrew, a shaman in his community wakes to the powers inherent in his life and within his Lore. It is a love story, a paranormal adventure within a contemporary world. It is an excursion into life that you will have never taken before as you discover an ancient Lore and way of life hidden in plain sight.

There is a discount on the print copies for my readers who visit my web site and with the new Matchbook system through Amazon you can obtain a copy of the tales in e-book at the time you purchase your print book. I would live to invite you to take advantage of this also.

Each of the four books in The Dreaming Series is a story of the Aboriginal Shaman, each book standing in its own right and exploring how the Shaman survive in our world. The Series is based on a fictional Aboriginal community and explores the Ancient Lore of an ancient land.

Welcome to my land… Australia

You can read some of the first newsprint stories of the Min Min lights at the following links.

 From the Australian Trove Archives:  
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