Oldies at Large – Christmas CHEER!!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 8.57.09 amIt’s the night before Christmas and all through the fight, the kidlets are hiding and waiting to bite… hmm… thats not how it goes!

Chrissy marks the end of the year for me … mainly because by New Years I am over it. The Silly Season is when the pickings on telly become hopeless making it a time when I have come again to realized that it is a good thing that I gave up the telly a while ago.

The Christmas season begins on Chrissy Eve and warbles through to New Years day when I can be found still listening to the New Year’s celebrations sweeping around the globe via the internet, a particularly Aussie thing to do… the internet btw is now cabled in via an old computer hooked up to the Telly and this arrangement has opened up a whole new viewing experience that I enjoy. Reruns!!!  usually commercial free too, a wonderful things.

Christmas Day for us can be packed to the rafters with relatives, or a quieter cold lunch enjoyed while we lounge about in the shade picnic style but the primary thing is that it is all about the kids. After all it is the middle of our summer in Aus… we are at the beach, under the shade or snoring somewhere in the cool while much of the rest of the world shivers.

Some of us spend a few hours in a church somewhere, and this is fine as long as I’m not expected to rock up too… hubby goes and enjoys the friendships found there, the joy of the season that they will happily tell you about along with the communion, whatever that is to each person. To me it is about enjoying Gods creation with the kiddlets in my own way and having family about me.

To me it’s still all about the children and I love to watch them experience each Christmas that I can be a part of. I encourage a belief in everyone about Santa. My own kids who are now adults even continue to believe in Santa … Yes they do…

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 9.58.28 amYou see Santa is the Spirit of Christmas and Christmas all about that very special spirit of giving and enjoying family and friends. I don’t believe Santa was ever meant to be seen as an old guy in a red suit in reality. He is all about the spirit of giving, loving others and family, and has little to do with what commerce has made of the old supposedly jolly guy. A guy who often is well and truly over the season before it even begins, though his pockets are a little fatter for sure.

I tell the kids that this guy is just the helper… a normal bloke in a beard and red dacks trying to do the right thing and the real Santa, the Spirit of Christmas, is a part of all those who beleive. He is not a physical man at all, but a Spiritual being who lives in the Dreamtime and whose spirit touches us all.

I recently did a post on ‘Claiming an Aussie Christmas’ and I managed that I am pleased to say, or rather at least I feel I did. The run up to Chrissy has been busy, even hectic at times so every now and then I took a break and hid from the vegemiters but all up it has been a great one… the lead up… the day being well planned… and I am sure I will enjoy the recovery. We are after all planning on an escape on the 4th … Yesssss!!!!  Hubby even managed to remember to get me a pressie, which is remarkable!

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 9.59.34 amI love the guy to death but he can be a tad forgetful. This year though we are full of our coming year which is truly going to be an adventurous one. In the turn of the year we head out with some good friends to explore the countryside in all its lovely detail and I will tell you more about that as a new stage in life and way of living unfolds but for now, its fast coming time to get serious about stocking and packing the caravan our future home.

We have planned a ‘Mid-life Crisis Party’ to catch up and farewell friends and family before we drive out the gate and that will be in the next few days and I am sooo… biting at the bit to get underway. I love being on the road and I love the adventure of travelling around the countryside though nothing on earth would get me on the coast road at this time or year.

The route better known as Highway 1, or ‘The Coast Rd’ as known by Aussies will be packed with nutters in their hectic pursuit of a few short weeks if not days in a coastal retreat somewhere. Or perhaps they will be shacked up with a relative or two with the kidletts, be that a tent or a resort but packed it will be. Not for me, we head west into the Outback regions and away from the crowds, towards the heat and potential of summer floods. They are generally a friendly lot out there and there is a water hole or two just waiting for a pair of hot feet and a fishing line.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 6.09.46 amSo enjoy the season, have a great day and don’t eat yourself into oblivion where ever you may be.

I like Mary Christmas and I hope she has a happy New Year as well!

Santa’s Jigsaw to amuse you some… Just press HERE

<– What 3 wise women would have done!


Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 5.09.45 am

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