Tales of the Kadaitcha and Featherfoot of Australian Lore

Rainbow SerpentPeeling back the tenets of an ancient lore, whose remnant still largely remain hidden behind a veil of secrecy and respect, is not the easiest thing on the earth to do. I have had an interest in the area of Aboriginal Lore since I was a child who stumbled across an ancient carving in a rock-face, which inspired the fertile field of the imagination.

I grew up around tales of bunyips, and serpents to be wary off such as the Rainbow Serpents who roam the native bush and quiet places as well as others who we were in bible stories of the Garden of Eden. This along with tales of little mischievous sprites of the Dreamtime and others found in childhood fairy tales lends a child’s mind to try and resolve the mysteries of the world around them. This is an Australian childhood for thousands of young Aussies as well as kids across the planet in the world today.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.00.41 pmOur environment in Australia leads us into this lore, the mysterious sounds of the bush and the wonder of cicada’s emerging from the earth, older than we are in our day. All these things and many more are of Australia along with the limitless horizons of the Outback and the vastness of what some view as an empty landscape in the Australian Centre, but one which is filled with mysteries of the ages beyond time. It is a landscape I love.

The deafening silence of the Aussie landscape is a wonder, as big a mystery as finding the Southern Cross in our night skies, tucked under the chin of the emu amid the stars as it is. The mystery of dark places and the wonder of the unknown inspires the mind to greater flights of what is possible, even probable.

CoversI love to write, and I love to read so it is not a wonder that I was led to do both these things when life provided me with the opportunity. The Internet is a wonderful resource and with our educational institutions, libraries and media now presenting collections across the ages available often as a resource to the public, you can discover new worlds and it has never been easier.

The Lore of the ancient and traditional, Aboriginal tribes is a hidden lore largely and it has taken many years of research, peeling back the layers and studying the legends to come to a layman’s understanding of this unique lore. No one is now in possession of the full depth of what is largely a mystic way of life. Such people have passed into antiquity, taking with them the secrets of their very lives. However, much can be discovered as you step into the world of the Dreamtime guided by something that is inherent in this land.

Painting DreamingThere are markers along the way; it is a Lore born of the land Australia and the land itself still tells the story of its ancient past if you listen. This is the story that I have tried to bring to my readers in helping them to come to terms with what is a history, hidden down through time.

It took a number of years to work out how I could bring this Lore to the minds of others. I wanted to introduce it in a time honoured way and what better way to do so than in storytelling. This is the way in which this Lore has been traditionally taught since the very Dreamtime, since the creation of man and woman. And this was the way I chose to speak of the most ancient Lore or system of beliefs in the world today.

The story I tell in the Dreaming Series is initially one of the shaman. Tales told of the oldest tribes still in existence in our world today, their recorded history stretches back 40,000 to 50,000 years  while civilization as we understand it goes back a mere 5,000 yrs arguably. Though the very existence of man goes beyond that as it does with all human record. This record though can be found on the ancient rocks, it stretches beyond the science of the brush or the quill. These primeval drawing and stories etched in stone and painted in ochre and charcoal bear witness in a land that is the oldest land still above the seas continuously, since the birth of mankind.

IMG_1063There is more to the tales though than the adventure of the Lore, or the lives of the shaman, there is the mystery in this truly ancient history. It is the story of what underpins this ancient Lore.

It is the tale of the Kadaitcha whose role in their ancient world is to maintain a balance of all things. Known by many names across many language groups they did however exist laterally throughout the land. There is also the world of the Oruncha people of the caverns, who govern, guide and train the Kadaitcha. They reach across the worlds to maintain a balance also, between the spiritual and the physical.

The tales of the Dreaming Series are a journey into this world. Each book is a tale in its own right. Book 1, Shadow Dreaming, is an introduction into this ancient world, one that exists in our world today while Book 2, Sky Song, draws you further into the mysteries while taking your on a journey of love and passion.

Spirits of the Rock, Book 3 will take you into the heart of Australia at a time when you are coming to understand what is a world of truly ancient design. It is the crossing of the worlds and the place of meeting. While Book 4, Caverns of the Dreamtime is a doorway into the ancient Lore and a crossroads of life. Things do not go always to plan and by the time you enter the world of the Kadiatcha, known as the Featherfoot by the colonists for the distinctive shoes they wore, you will view things in a very different way to how you look at your world now.

In the upcoming series, The Spirit Children, you will further explore this hidden worlds and marvel at the things you took for granted in time. You will be drawn into secret places and what is truly a revelation is that the world, which you visit may be found in the ancient texts and stories beyond recount that exist in our world today.

Life is never so simple as we believe it to be.

Dreaming Covers

The Dreaming Series is available in ebook and print from both Amazon, which offers a matchbook giving you both the ebook and print versions and Smashwords for multi format ebook.

Checkout the discounts available for the print versions at the authors web page and come on a journey like none other you have ever ventured on before.

For further posts on this ancient land Australia, visit the page ‘Australia an Ancient Land’ and explore to your hearts content.

Jan can be found on Facebook. Join in and become a friend, become part of the journey with her. The Dreaming Series has its own dedicated Facebook page which explores the research behind this ancient Land and Lore.


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