Book Promotion – The Dreaming Series

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 7.41.34 pmAs an Author I have been invited to join in the Smashwords
‘Read an E-book Week Promotion’
E-books are gaining in popularity and it is a pleasure to be invited to become a part of this event.

I publish through both Amazon and Smashwords but I find the Smashwords program beneficial as it offers e-books in a wide variety of platforms, giving the reader many options.

If you would like to check out the promotions available which include the first book Shadow Dreaming in The Dreaming Series available for FREE until the 8th of March. For other titles pop over to my Authors page and arrange to download your preferred title, choosing your preferred platform and using the coupon code on the right hand side of the page for any of the four books in the series, allowing you to download for no cost or at a special promo price. The other books in the series have been heavily discounted for my readers to enjoy. The coupon codes are available on each of the book pages.

Authors love to hear what their readers are thinking so please consider leaving feedback or a rating on the books you might read. This can be done in many forums such as this, Smashwords, or Thanks for your efforts, they are appreciated.

The Dreaming Series of books are four titles which will draw you into a world like none other. Each book is the story of a Shaman within an ancient Lore that still exists today. Discover the legends within the Lore, meet the spirit creatures and a world apart from your own, yet one which exists within the bounds of our world hidden from those who cannot see.

If you would like to peruse other titles in the promotion, as I will be doing then pop while I search for ‘down time’ reading material, check out the catalogue which will be available while the Promotion runs from 2nd March through to the 8th March.

 Dreaming CoversHappy Reading everyone.

You can discover more about Jan’s work at her Web Site.

Join her in on Facebook the journey across Australia as she researches and uncloaks the mysteries of Australia. Become part of the journey.

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