Oldies at Large : Aussies Abroad in The Rockies

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.58.16 amOK… Time to fess up … I have been swanning around in a resort on the central coast for the last few days as I write this. It is one of those lovely respites between living outa the forbie and it has been fun. I love that the washing machine does the washing for me and that the clothes dryer invites the wet gear and turns it out warm and dry.

We are enjoying an interlude before we launch into another very different adventure. Time to give us a chance to wash up… clean up and dry up. The forbie though sits forlorn in the car park with the kayak on the roof and awaits its clean up which is scheduled in a few days, In the meantime I am sorting the tucker box and cleaning gear.  I would love you to join me over the coming month in the adventures and experiences of Aussies, two ‘Oldies at Large’ let loose in the Canadian and US Rockies and Yellowstone National Park.

Tomorrow we head home for a few days at the Home Site to prepare. The ‘Grampie Flat’  our trusty van, is heading in for some strengthening work after the work out it has had in previous years and to maintain insurance requirements we will be resealing the van, which apparently should be done every eight years or so.

Once we drop the van off at the repairers we will resume life in the swag until we climb into the skies… yes we are headed out over the water. I never quite thought I would get around to visiting the Rocky Mountains, treading the forest tracks of Canada and the USA but the time has come and we will be sharing a milestone birthday with a friend on the west coast of the US.

Flying over to the other side of the world is always something exciting and having visited Europe, Asia and the Pacific it will be a special curiosity to explore this corner of the Northern Americas. After flying into Vancouver and gearing up, we will spend the first few weeks camping it around The Rockies and mixing this with short stops at resorts to clean up and cruise out. Our tour plan is settled and it has taken a time to organise but exploring the old gold trails of the Canadian Rockies is first up on the agenda and we are very much looking forward to it.

We also plan to visit Yellowstone and introduce ourselves to something of the Indian tribes of the North America’s before we once more cross over the Rockies a few more times. As we have an interest in palaeontology we hope to venture into a few pre-history sites and take away a richer understanding of this part of the world than we have previously had.

So this is up… up… and away for this little wild duck and her Man.

Catch you around the ridges when I can continue to share with you the adventure of life. Your gunna hear about how two ‘Oldies at Large’ cope with the wild Rocky Mountains… here we come. We will be living at first out of a nifty Dodge Caravan … yep the yanks think this is a caravan! Join us, you can follow our adventures by hitting the little ‘follow’ button at the top, or by subscribing to receive a notice when there is a new posting. I will be posting every few days for the month coming so I hope you will enjoy the journey. Not looking forward to driving on the right side of the road tho… hmmm… it’s just wrong!

Note to self: Gotta break this habit of making the bed while I am still in it. Sleeping in a swag definitely has its perks.

Happy travelling.

As I travel ahead of my blog I will be posting regularly every few days for the next month. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I… welcome aboard.

Jan is an Australian author and writer. You can find our more about her publications at her official web site. Be sure to check out the reader discounts there.

Jan an Naum


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