Oldies at Large – Travelling with Fur Kids

The MerooHaving just spent a month ratting around the NW USA we were welcomed home with fan fare and dance by our two little fur kids. I have mentioned our escapades in travelling with pups before but it was such a nice greeting our two terrors gave us that I feel its time to draw them back into the picture.

Travelling with fur kids is always engaging, particularly when they know the ins and outs of travel… ie they know when you are going and are often pissy when you don’t take them along with you. In other words they understand life out ‘on the wallaby’.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 11.45.47 amTuppi, our little poodle and usually my constant companion, has always travelled. Her first trip she was just 12 weeks and she took to travel like a travel rug. She doesn’t like shadows though and the early morning, or late afternoon shadow switching across the back seat of the car has always been a concern and remains so. We are even now trialling a soft cat cave and it might just do the trick. It is somewhere for her to hide when the shadowy bogeyman gets too long. Scotty her companion is not so keen on her hiding in the cat cave though and continues to want to share it with her. It has yet to be fully approved by all.

The fur kids travel with their own harnesses and are a welcome distraction from a long day on the tar often. They get us out walking when we would be otherwise too lazy to go and they keep us warm at night. Yes we are part of their pack. We are the bossy part and they generally spend most of their time keeping Mum and Dad in line, charmers that they are.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 5.23.58 pmTuppi’s travel companion Scotty, you have met before in my posts. Scotty technically is our Baby Boys, but the Baby Boy has a big boy job and can’t keep him entertained. Scotty is a silky and an engaging little guy, but he is also high maintenance and demanding little bugga. He has attached himself to Tup and frets when ‘his girl’ is away. This has caused all manner of problems and over time he has become our constant companion and Tuppi’s kennel mate. He identifies with his second dad, The Man… and has become his constant and faithful companion. I am a short-order second in the ‘people important’ stakes and he will often keep me in line with a sharp bark and even a quick nip when he thinks he can get away with it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 4.54.11 pmThe dog is a midget though and his antics always make me laugh. He doesn’t know he is a midget and when the stakes are high and there is another male within his perimeter, a perimeter that runs around the caravan and constantly fluxes with his perimeter walks, he will level up to any other dog and look him straight in the eye letting him know just who is in charge here.

This of course brings a sound round of laughter and it is truly something you have to see to appreciate.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 7.28.28 amThe Man and I, having enjoyed our sojourn overseas are now on the wallaby full time once more. When we were doing our last pack-up, gathering together the things we would need as we turn our faces towards the sun. It was Tuppi who was the first to figure out our impending exit was imminent. She was also the first to plant herself firmly on top of the gear to be packed, ensuring her place in the car. It was worth a photo and once we recovered from her dog-set show of determination… we packed her too for what will be our tour north to Cairns and then west into the desert and onto the west coast down into Perth.

First real night out involved collecting the Grampie Flat (caravan) from the repairer who was doing some maintenance work for us in resealing the van. This meant a trip south and a night on the road in the swag… it just goes to prove that you can fit two adults and two dogs into a swag and be quiet comfortable. It was a good night, albeit a bit chilly with this cold snap Aus. is experiencing. We however were warm and snug and sublimely comfortably tucked up in the double swag and under the added shelter of our trusty new annex/tent.

It’s good to be on the road again and even better to be chasing the sun.

Travel Well.

Jan is a Author and writer and you can discover more on her works here, in the menus at the top, or pop over to her Official Web Site.


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