Oldies at Large – Gods Own Country

Wuruma DamWe are camped up in Gods Own Country. It is a place well west of the coastal fringe in central Queensland. We have left the coast well behind, it is a region where life is very much frenetic at this time. It is mid-winter so the nights are freezing here in the Burnett Region but such a view we have!

It was a full moon last night and it was stunning. The stars were brilliant, the skies clear and the moon was casting those beautiful night shadows in the icy chill of the tiny hours. It is so good to be here settled amongst the welcome companionship of other freecampers and like minds.

Wuruma Dam CampOur camp is a freecamp on the edge of Wuruma Dam near Eidsvold in Central Queensland. It is a beautiful spot, one of the truly free camps alongside a dam and while it is popular, it is not well signposted. But with a bit of curiosity, a 1 klm drive down a dirt road and a want to enjoy life with other freecampers… you will find it if you follow the signs to the dam.

The thing that I love most about this country is that the people here about are really lovely. They welcome you with cups of coffee and hospitality at such places like the Black Stump rest area near Mundubbera and they are good people… honest to goodness salt of the Earth type.

Mundubbera QldIt is an integrity that you don’t commonly find in the cities, a welcome that is not always evident on the coast and while there are good people on the coastal fringe to be found, here in the Outback there are so many more of those with the generosity of the heart that should truly be valued above commerce, industry and progress. I love the country, the outback and places where it feels great to simply be an Aussie in our unique and friendly way.

We are headed north towards the heat of the sun and its nice to be out on the wallaby again. Breathing the fresh air along with soaking up the sun, even with these crisp mornings to help you appreciate the warmth of the sunny day.

It is simply delicious to find a spot in the sun of a morning. To hear the raucous carol of the birds greeting the day and to watch the slow meander of the large pelicans glide across the waters near the shore of the dam searching for small fish, crabs and other nibbles for breakfast.

The only noises purely from the current century are those that the small motorboat made as it headed out in the reflection of sunrise on the water in the early dawn. It was on an errand to empty the traps set deep in the water the day before. They came back a short time later boisterous with success and there is red claw to be fried up in a bath of hot butter for breakfast in the camp nearby.

Red ClawThe fire is low, the men cold but they watch their breakfast sizzle in the hot pan, broiling in their shells, flavoured by garlic and butter… breakfast with fresh johny cakes the women might cook. It smells good even in my imagination. I am envious as I sit here in the warmth of the early sun. Steaming porridge just doesn’t cut it in the same way somehow right now.

It is simply another beautiful day in the Outback. Home sweet home for the time. Why would you choose to be anywhere else? I think we will stay put a whiles… at least a few days before we hit the tar again in our travels north.

Travel well.

2 thoughts on “Oldies at Large – Gods Own Country

    • Thanks Tammi, It is lovely to receive feedback and I am chuffed you enjoyed it. We loved our camp at the Dam it is such a beautiful spot and freecampers are usually a lovely friendly set of people.

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