Gnome Expose’ – Not on Any Map I Found

GnomevilleForget the secretive Pine Gap… Gnomesville in the Ferguson Valley SW Western Aus is more secretive and holds greater mystique in quiet places. It has a larger population and is the centre-point of ‘special powers’, those powers common to gnomes. The Man and I found out about Gnomesville quite unexpectedly, sitting over a lovely glass of something on one of those deliciously lazy social afternoons with friends.

Having been entrigued by the mystery, we gathered all the info we needed for the next day and set out to venture along some of those quiet country roads in the SW corner of Western Aus’ seeking a special town, one of secret and legend. We had heard of the place from our friends mostly and we knew that while the town was not marked on any maps we could find, it existed and its population hovered around the hundreds if not thousands of residents.

We had bought along a couple of recruits of our own with us who had begged silently to be dropped of at Gnomesville. They sat quietly in their ‘shopping centre’ issue bag holding their tongues and waiting for the arrival at their new home. Two of our young Grandies sat nervously in the back seat keeping them company and reassuring them… It was a rainy day, one of those days that threatened to sprinkle you at any time with blessings from the heavens. You know of course that the gnomes have a say in these things.

gnomepensionThe weather this day was ideal for gnomes, who love the sunshine and are renowned for their adventurous nature, but do move quietly through our world in the cover of night. During the day they can seem almost inanimate, but don’t be fooled, they may even wink at you in the shadows!  We had already clued the kidlettes up on gnome etiquette … they were duly impressed. No touching, no moving the gnomes and you must be quiet. Everyone knows gnomes sleep during the day and only move in the quiet times, popping up all over the place in any given time.

GnomenationWe stumbled across the Gnomesville village quiet unexpectedly and the kids were delighted. They sat quietly everywhere, as far as the eye could travel in some directions. Some stood openly welcoming you, other hid behind trees and bushes, even behind other gnomes. Many could tell you their story without even uttering a world, some even told you their age and their history. It was a world of wonder with utter delight.

Gnomesville has been around for ages… the ages of the gnomes. You can read a history of how it came about all quite mysteriously and in something of a quiet protest. One of those quiet stubborn Aussie gnome protests that lives on in our peoples history, a simple fact of life. They have been at it for many decades and their history is written in their little faces, and scribed at times at the tiny toes.

Memorial gnomeGnomes of course live underground, able to move through earth as we move through air. Even deep beneath our feet the legend of Gnomeville is renown amongst these magical little people. Their preference for gathering at Gnomeville is a true mystery, but gather they do.

Even found in ancient Aboriginal legend, the gnome was more commonly known here as the Jongorrie. He is, in the antipodes, a dark little forest man who moves through the shadows and who lives within the earth in the sacred caverns. Here though he prefers the whitefellas gnome to be the one who stands out in the sun… Mad dogs and English men and all that stuff.

Gnomes have been known by many names down through time, from goblins to leprechauns and even can be found in the books of Tolkien. They are generally found to be a harmless little folk of a highly mischievous nature as in the tales of the Dreaming Series and the little man of the forest, Jep who is of the Jongorrie nation.

If you look carefully at Gnomeville you might even find a small gathering of Smurf who watch carefully from the nearby curb, just keeping an eye on the wonders of the village. You just never know who your neighbours may be.

Travel well.

Christmas gnomeHope your having a Great Christmas Season too!

Jan is a Author and Traveller. You can find out more about her books here on her blog or at Writing in Australian novels and travelogues she brings to you a world deep in ancient Lore. You can journey with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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