Australia Day – A Peoples Celebration!

Australia DayFree E-book, available for download from for a short time to celebrate Australia Day and its true meaning.

“Out on the Never Never” is a true Australian adventure in traveling our land. One celebrating the love of our Land as two Grannies, two pups in a ‘Bitch Box’ set out to cross the continent in their little caravan… join them on their journey to discover modern-day Australia.

Celebrating our love of the Land and our Freedom. This is the original meaning of the peoples celebration known as Australia Day, the 26th January.

Down through the history of Australia many groups, factions and Governors have tried to hijack what is and always was the “peoples” celebration, this to their own cause but it is truly time we reclaimed what rightfully belongs to the people.

Australia Day began when the last of the convicts finally got off the boats… it was a party, one the Governor didn’t plan, and one the gaoler’s couldn’t control. Decades later another Governor gave in and declared it a public holiday, he also attempted to change it’s relevance and meaning. Other people and other factions have been trying to do the same ever since.

Australia Day celebrates “Our Love of the Land and our Freedoms” Lets keep it that way.

Don’t let the bugga’s change our history to their own ends!

BookCoverPreview but


Announcing a

It is the adventure of a lifetime … Promising a lifetime of adventure.

Discovering Australia and Her Lore 2013-2014

thumbnail blog

I began blogging sometime ago now, at first it was in the form of letters and emails to family and friends and from there it became a way of life, a way of sharing and something that I truly enjoyed.

Writing for me is something that is a large part of my life. I first discovered the pleasure as a young child when I took one of the scholarly exercise books and set it aside for my thought and dreams… thus began my relationship with the world of words.

This is a collection of my blogs that are freely available on the internet at I have learnt during my travels that the internet is not always available freely however. So for my readers I have now published this anthology of blogs in both e-book and print for their enjoyment.

We were thrown into our retirement quiet unexpectedly when The Man was made redundant and from then on traveling Australia became our life. It is something we, my Hubby and I enjoy. This is a record of the beginning of our adventures as we followed our interests. We love the independence, the quiet and the adventure and it is this that I would share with you. Come with me on our journey and discover those hidden place of Australia. Discover her ancient Lore, the oldest surviving Lore in the world today and learn as we peel back the mysteries of time and place across this land, Australia.

Travel well

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