Stepping Off the Edge – Aus’ Has Changed

Cloncurry viewAs we take a moment to plan, reflect and enjoy being on the Homesite before we are off on our next travel adventure there are things that I have now noticed about how the world, my world, has moved on without me.

One of the nicest things about travel is that you are removed from the normal influences of your every day life. Life on the hop, or on the wallaby, is very different from life in the ‘lounge-room’ so to speak. Your attention is consumed by what is going on around you when you travel. There are new places to visit, new people to meet and new things to do and experience. Over time you loose track of what had been your life normally and you are aside from noticing things that you would normally have paid attention too.

Suddenly however, it seems, that when you arrive back at your Homesite or into your normal habitat all these things once more become evident. You have not had a chance, or even a desire to notice many things and then you are bombarded with the progress of the world while you have been otherwise engaged.

The world has managed to change a great deal in the 18 months we have been touring and I have really just noticed it! What a shocker it is!

In the public sphere for example, fashion has changed… this while I have been living in the easy clobber of a travel wardrobe. When… just when did a bit of flashy curtaining become an acceptable dress! I couldn’t believe that any woman would be seen wearing the flimsy curtain that Beyonce’ wore recently, let alone while out in public. Good grief! This is clobber that belongs in the boudoir (on the windows) and I can just imagine how a young impressionable child would react to such a display of hussiness. Maybe I am just growing a bit old fashioned after all. It is truly a case of the “Empress’ new clothes” in all its glory… Definitely going to drag that parable out when I catch up with the young impressionable Grandies, particularly the girls.

Then there is the political sphere. While we were aware of the shenanigans of the “aghem” current “political leaders”… the supposed “Fathers of our Country”, do they really have to behave like reckless young guns looking to shoot each other out of paddling pool? When is someone going to turn up and actually govern our country for a change instead of the media circus we are constantly bombarded with and the backroom antics of this pack of media sluts?

I also gave up on commercial telly some time ago, it is simply unwatchable and unless you want to be rushing out to purchase something… anything… constantly… then there is simply no point. You cannot follow a storyline when there is more advert time than program. I thought US TV was bad, they constantly entreat you to buy drugs. Well Aus’ TV servings are about commercials mixed mostly with so-called “reality TV”, which has nothing remotely resembling reality about it.

Now I used to enjoy cooking shows and am often tempted by the non-commercial channels but really… master chef? Let along junior master chef? … One of the reasons I don’t eat at “Happy Jack”, or “Maccy Jac’s” is that having raised four bruisers I am very suspicious of foods prepared by babies at the best of times. At the very best I watch Aunty or SBS and NITV but commonly resort to my vast collection of classic Aus’ DVD’s and favourite series. After years of being conditioned to watch “repeats” in the past offerings of the telly I am quite good at it now and I love to revisit favourites if only for the giggle factor. Star Wars is a classic and it doesn’t take long to critique the selection of space shots and watch for repeats throughout the series.

The only commercial offerings I experience are those between flicking over between Aunty’s offerings and as this flick exposure is most commonly endless commercial breaks, there is little to slow that finger press down. On the movie front I do have a vast collection of DVD’s as mentioned, these collected over decades and I love to revisit my favourites as mentioned. I watched Wolf Creek the other night, mainly because we are planning a trip into the region… tell you what… if the car doesn’t start while we are at the crater I am gunna freak.

Yes, the world has moved on and I am in the process of catching up doing the medical runs, dental runs, pet vet checks and a myriad of other Homesite tasks the least of all being the garden. As much as I love it though, and it is nice to revisit the past… I can’t wait to hit the tar again soon and leave it all behind.

Travel well

 Jan’s novel, Lands Edge is also about ‘stepping of the edge’ of the reality of your world. A fictional tale based in Aboriginal Lore, set into contemporary Australia. Available in e-book and print the story invites you to explore a world hidden within our own. It is purely an Australian novel about those born of The Dreaming.

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