The Rockies and the Greater NW USA

Rockies FP smallFree for download for a few days only, is an Aussie view of the NW USA.

A candid travelogue of discovering the American Greater North West and the Rockies bought to you  FREE FOR A SHORT TIME in e-book through Amazon.

Join our author Jan and her hubby as she tours across the Rockies, dips down across the vast Prairies of Montana and explores the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. Take the western pioneer route to California and then tour up the Pacific West to Portland and Seattle.

It’s a grand adventure filled with candid tales and an insight into what an Aussie makes of young America.

Enjoy the adventure, the experience and the world of touring in the ‘American Caravan’ across the breadth of another land.

 Jan Hawkins is a author and a traveller who writes novels on Australian Aboriginal Lore. You can explore a hidden world in her stories, those of the Dreaming Series and The Spirit Children. As well as her travelogues on touring the land Down Under in the Around the Campfire series. Discover also the ancient land of Australia and Her Lore.

Come travel with us.

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