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Touring is now a way of life for The Man and myself and it is a life that we have come to love. We travel the ribbon of tar, often venturing off the track and down along the dusty reaches of Country, finding those hidden places and discovering over and again the secrets of this beautiful and challenging country. You can follow our journey here, but as we have been journeying for a number of years now and back beyond that, it is an ongoing and growing thing. I have compiled our experiences, while we have travelled throughout 18 months, into a travelogue of time and journeys. These are listed on Oldies at Large for simple reference. These experiences also make up a tome that will be freely available for download at for a short period, this celebrating the anniversary of our retirement. Discovering Australia and Her Lore is the tale in the beginning of our journey into retirement and our travels. It will be available for free for a few days only in the beginning of Nov 2015.

golfSome call us Grey Nomads, to others we are Freedom Campers or freecampers and to many we are a resource to be milked like a cow. People have their opinions, but to us we are simply travellers enjoying our lives in the manner we choose. We plan on continuing to do what we do for as long as we can, avoiding those who want to impose their own agenda’s on our lifestyle.

Many ask how we fund our traveling life and my response is ‘with careful planning’. Planning that has been stitched together like a patchwork over many years. We are ‘pensioners’ and we have resources added to this by superfund savings and investments. We travel on a budget that is carefully planned and our major expense is fuel. I have often said that this cost is like air… it’s impossible to live without and sometimes hard to live with, but we at least govern its use in the distance we travel between camps. We have absolutely no plans to add accommodation to our primary expenses… we are travellers. Like snails and turtles we travel with our home and settle for a time often on the patch of ground where we choose to stop. Camps are often free in Australia and the company is commonly unique and a delight. We have to thank our Gods and our forebears for these freedoms.

Razor fishingTravelling is something we have planned to do all our lives. Our plans were formed as teenagers while we chatted and courted… yes I’m old enough to know what courting is. We formulated the lives we each would choose to live, given and making our opportunities. When The Man and I later married, our plans changed, as does life. As the kids arrived, along with the inherent responsibilities, we reformed and changed our plans many times throughout our lives together.

Gathering experiences was an important part of our changing ideals, as was the arrival of the bruisers, but our ultimate goals remained a constant thing. We are now into the retirement years. We’ve worked hard and put away for our retirement, raised kids and born the burden of the dreaded mortgage and we are now old enough now to enjoy these things we planned for. Those plans that we have worked all our lives towards. This life and the things we enjoy freely, some will tell you we have no right to enjoy. This mainly because ultimately we never planned not to hand over our precious resources to their business interests.

Australia Day with Freecampers

Australia Day with Freecampers

This is Australia, and while it’s a country viewed by many to be ultimately a ‘Land of the Free’, we have worked and struggled hard for those same freedoms and our ancestors have fought, struggled and even died for them. In Aus’ only a few of us arrived here as free men and women of property and position and those who did, attempted in our history to make slaves or peasants of the rest of us. They failed, largely because of the ground work laid down by Arthur Phillip and Lauchlan Macquarie… great leaders and Governors in our early history who are largely ignored. We’re a land of people who seek our freedoms, and will fight to protect them with a vigour and inventiveness that is much admired and envied in lands of lesser freedoms.

Some of us migrated here over many millennia and continue to migrate in a wave of natural attrition, which our governments of the day try to control. These people of old, those viewed as indigenous to this land and their Country, lay the foundation of what was to become a world of opportunity for so many, for all the struggle that they faced when others arrived after them. Some of us arrived in convict chains and bore the burden of building this nation, as we now know it, in their first faltering footsteps. Then came the waves of emigrants, farmers and later treasure hunters, all seeking a new way of life, a promise that Australia could deliver through dedication, hard work and considerable struggle. From this was born our Nation and we are a people in our own right, each of us Australians. We all seek those freedoms that our fathers and forefathers struggled for.

fur kidsWe enjoy our freedoms and the concept of freecamping in a the land our fathers and mothers built. We enjoy the freedoms of the Aussie bush, the rush of wild wind along our skin and the touch of waves tickling our toes and legs, without the company of the masses. I’ve never been that good at the masses. We like the quiet you see, we love the night song of the bush and the comforts of what is familiar, which is why we live in our caravan and choose this as a lifestyle.

We’re not so keen on crowds, on holidaymakers en masse nor children underfoot all the time. Don’t get me wrong… I adore my Grandkids, those nippers and bush bunnies who keep us endlessly entertained and I love watching kids, but I’ve been there… done that and we choose now to enjoy these nippers in the time of our own choosing. One of the many reasons we commonly avoid the dreaded caravan park. They are full of holidaymakers and this is one thing we are most definitely not, though others would put us into this mould for their own reasons. This is a lifestyle, not a holiday.

I don’t ask for your opinion of our lifestyle because that is not what matters to us. I’m getting older, I get cranky about the opinionated and I will fight for my right to live the way I choose to in my years of retirement. I hope they will be many so I’m going to be around for a while yet I expect and you are welcome to follow our journey.

Come and discover Australia with us… discover this land in small steps, small journeys and delve into our rich and demanding history… it’s the oldest living history in the World. Come with me and Discover Australia and Her Lore, a gift to entertain you.

Due to the differences in time… the ebook in Aus’ will be available on 1st Nov … damn time differences!

Enjoy … as do we.

Jan an The Man

Jan an Naum

2 thoughts on “Traveling Australia – Oldies at Large

  1. Hi Jan, enjoy your lifestyle while you can. I look forward to reading your stories. Take care & happy travells. Lyn Petersen x 🙂

    • Hi Lyn, The timeline differences between Aus’ and the Us mean for us it becomes available on 1st … it will be available for 5 days. Shouldn’t be too long before you can download it. I hope you enjoy the read 🙂

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