On the Road Again – Oldies At Large

JanI love visiting home and I hate it. It brings with it all those jobs, which non-home owners so much enjoy to miss. I’m not just talking only about the maintenance, the lawns and the gardening along with other responsibilities but calling in at home brings those pleasures that actually draw me home. Those pleasures, such as the gardening, the lawns and maintenance (especially the purchasing of new items). It also brings the family, those lifetime friends and your deep involvement in other peoples lives, which despite everything, is often a deep and personal pleasure.

So I am often torn between wanting to be involved in these things and wanting to be
free… travelling the roads and tracks, exploring Aus’ and meeting new friends along with enjoying the beauty and freedoms of Australia, this world around us. I blame my genes and my environment for this conflict within and my irresistible want to travel across my land.

What I don’t miss are life’s pesky tasks… the medical appointments that come with aging, the dentist and the tests related to health. Yep… those I could gladly do without. However, having attended to all these home-site tasks, we are now once more on the road.

fishingWe ate fresh fish for dinner the other night, these we had managed to hook that day and what a special delight that was. We sat in the shade of the van and watched the beautiful birds visit, they skipped about the bush and the parrots entertaining themselves, while all the time raining endless seed husks and branches down onto us as they do. Big bugga’s that they are! Yes… this I have to admit must be a particular Australian delight we can enjoy. We watched the storms roll in over the hills from the west, delighted at the crash of thunder and flash of lightning. Enthralled at the deep threat of a purple sky, one sweeping our way. We secured the annex, closed the vents and sat back in happy hour watching and listening to this particular brand of Mother Natures entertainment.

Other travellers came and went at our pleasant little freecamp. We were near Calliope in Qld and this camp alongside the Calliope River brings a measure prosperity to the little township of Calliope. It’s a much-loved spot for both residents and travellers and the town should be commended for its existence. Any town or settlement worthy of its name should have a free rest area for travellers. Calliope does this particularly well, unlike a few other less friendly towns I could name and shame.

These places where you can pull up and rest are the pleasure of the traveller as well as the locals. These free area’s should be provided for rest and leisure for both the local residents and the general public. They should be openly managed by the authorities we pay taxes to support, for why else would be ever pay tax? They are a much needed facility which ensures the safety and welfare of the vast numbers of travellers moving constantly around our roads, those going from A to B, or others on the move for whatever reason. These rest area’s are for the entertainment and convenience of locals as well as travellers, people who are not necessarily on holiday, but in transit or even others merely seeking respite. This is Australia as it should be. We value freedom in all its forms, and this sentiment should be appreciated by our local, state and federal authorities. Those we place in charge to provide such facilities, unhampered by commercial interests.

camila beachOur next stop was also a particularly magical place. Heading north we settled down at Camila Beach for a short spell. As I relaxed, watching the sunrise over the ocean early in the morning I was reminded of the many generations that have gone before me, who had fought for these freedoms. It was Remembrance Day and we took time to reflect on our history. I recognized how other members of my family had done exactly as I was now doing now as well. My family has a strong leaning towards travel and adventure, one born from misadventure to design. From the very early antics of two youngsters who were 10-12 yrs two centuries ago, who found themselves on the convict hulks several generations past. They went on to explore the new settlements in the land, their descendants fought an died for their country but as they reached the age of emancipation they found themselves abandoned in as young men and went on to have a number of early misadventures.

My thoughts travelled too… through the past deeds and adventures of my family before me… onto the generation of yesterday where the descendants, my parents, children of any number of generations down from these convict miscreants and many others; when they too continued to roam happily across the land. They sprinkled their tales and adventures throughout the families collective annuls. I am one of these children, and my adventures merely add to a long line of other adventurers and misadventures of those who have gone before me over many generations.

This is Australia and our history, the living history of Australians from the old tribes to the footfall of Aussies today. May it never change for it is a beautiful thing! We are now born to freedom and I hope that we are never enslaved again… be it to tyranny or restrictive commerce, that a which takes away our freedoms.

If you would like to read some of these historic tales, click here to link to a few tales of ‘Flash Fiction’ for your entertainment. For me… Happy Hour can’t be too far away.

Enjoy, Jan

Jan is a author and traveller, you can read many of her tales in her stories on travel or discover the mysteries of Aboriginal Lore and tales of adventures as worlds clash and meld in The Dreaming Series and the stories of The Spirit Children.

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