Discovering Australia & Her Lore – Oldies at Large

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Newly released is the third edition of the popular books from the ‘Oldies at Large’ series. These are a collation of travel and touring logs, compiled into e-books for my readers to enjoy. This new release is the touring adventure blogs for 2015, accounts that are freely available on my blog site here at WordPress on the internet.

white coversThe books are full of the colourful pictures and descriptions of the places we have enjoyed as Grey Nomads wandering across our land. A listing of the blogs can be found at ‘Oldies at Large’ page for easy access to the area’s you are most interested in.

As a traveller though, I know that Internet links are not always easily achieved across our continent, so the e-books are a compliment for the traveller for a small cost, such as less than a cuppa coffee. They can be downloaded from Amazon and read at your leisure on your ipad, computer or even you smart phone. A reader app’ for your device, is also readily available at Amazon for free download.

Rockies FP smallTo commemorate the release of the third edition, I have arranged for the first edition of the series to be available for a short time, for free. This is an account of our travels overseas, during our visit in 2014 to ‘The Rockies and the Greater NW USA’. It was a grand adventure into the Canadian Rockies, down across the great grass plains of Montana and onto Yellowstone. From there we travelled back across towards the western seaboard to visit the great Redwoods of California and then up the coast into Portland, Seattle and back into Vancouver, Canada.

This FREE DOWNLOAD of the 1st edition of the series in e-book will only be available for the first week of March.

cover blogYou can also download, ‘cheap as chips’ the story of our travels during ‘The Lap’ of Australia in the 2nd Edition of ‘Discovering Australia and Her Lore – 2014-15’ which is a compliment to the new edition 2016. The new edition follows our journey across The Nullabor, up along the East Coast of Aus’, the sunrise side, and then back across The Top, along the Savannah Way and into the red heart of our land.

Come with me and enjoy the journey.

Let’s Travel well.

There are also rather expensive print copies available, this due to the number of colour prints in these editions but mostly these are for my Mum, who just cant manage the e-book versions, but they are still available for those who would prefer, despite their production costs.


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