Beautiful Freycinet – Tasmania


Traveling down the east coast of Tas’ is a special pleasure, which is why so many travellers head for this stretch of Tassies best. In summer, those beautiful summer colours begin at Ben Lomond before you even reach the coast. They are scattered in thick blankets in these alpine heights and extending to the lavender fields that can be found on the lowland farms. This array include the lovely colours of the wild foxglove you can find along the road and the budding blackberries emerging in the late summer that promise so much when baked in a pie and served with cream.


A favourite holiday spot for the locals and a prime destination for the traveller is Freycinet National Park, half way down the eastern coastline and only 2 ½ – 3hrs from Launceston or Hobart. As you begin to explore this gem you can fully understand why it is so popular. Freycinet is a true wilderness, there are no roads into the Park. It is strictly a destination for the bushwalker or boatie, abseiler and adventurer. While offshore cruising is the most relaxing way to see the park, there is a manicured track up to the famous lookout for Wineglass Bay and this is the most popular walk in the entire park. The view from the lookout is breathtaking and well worth the trek. The more adventurous and spectacularly fit will take on the arduous track to the top of Mount Amos, or venture into the park for a night or two… or three carrying everything they need on their backs.

wineglassFrom the high lookout for Wineglass bay you can take the trying track down to the bay, which has been voted one of the ten best beaches in the world, and where many venture in for a dip in the inviting waters… Me…? I thought about those rotten stairs back up to the lookout and elected instead to take the track across the isthmus to Hazards Beach… a delightful walk, from where you follow the more testing track taking a hour or two more around the shores back to the carpark. That was a trial, but not as bad as going back up those damn steps to return to the lookout! I would however recommend this walk only for the fit and feisty and you do need to carry water and snacks to keep you going along the uneven track.

hazard-beachMany more able walkers head out into the park on the more adventurous of the day and night camps and I envied them their youth and fitness as there are no roads through the park… it’s walk in… walk out… or go out by rescue helicopter. Something one adventurous group of idiots did within a few days of our visit.

Mount Amos is another track that offers freycinet-roobrilliant views, it is also a challenge and recommended for the fit and able only. On the next day we elected instead to go along to the more gentler walk, one of the 60 great short walks in Tas, which is that to Cape Tourville and the lighthouse. The lighthouse is not a lot to see but there are public binoculars at the head of the walk and you can take a really enjoyable moment to spy out the seals and birds on the nearby island where they rest and nest. This walk I recommend highly for the less able or tired.

blowhole-bichenoCamping at Frecyinet also is a challenge with the National Park campsites tight and popular. We stayed at the nearby Freycinet golf club RV camp and ventured out from there to Freycinet NP, Bicheno to check out their blow hole and feast on their wonderful fish and chips found at the harbour gulch. Swansea  we ventured too for their  Laundromat.

fish-chips-bichenoIt was a great time… a great visit and a memorable experience. I loved the wildlife that crossed our path regularly and the beaches were devine. Definitely a stop on any Tassie adventure.

Travel Well.

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Freycinet – Tasmania

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  2. Oh you are bringing back memories Jan. We have walked to the lookout twice and down into Wineglass Bay once but once we were swimming from a friends boat and I surfaced to find a penguin beside me! That’s Tassie for you eh?

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