The Murrumbidgee – Carolling with the Cockatoo’s

Oura beachWe have settled back into the big island of Aus’… attended to all those pesky needs that consume you when you hit home ground… and then we’ve taken off again. We  are currently on our western run across the continent to Perth where we plan to spend most of this year exploring the western coast.

We are not sorry at all to leave the cities behind. It is almost a relief to reach the quiet flowing waters of the Murrumbidgee as we follow the turns of what is the 3rd longest river in Australia, westward. It travels on to join the waters of the River Murray near Robinvale in NSW western reaches and from here we will leave her path and take the route across the border into South Australia for a short spell before we take time out on the much loved crossing of the Oondiri Plain.

MurrumbidgeeWe are presently at Oura Beach on the banks of the river, not far from Wagga Wagga, and as dawn breaks I am very much enjoying the morning song. Listening to the raucous call of the cockatoos, galahs and the carolling of the maggies and currawong’s. Its a delicious cacophony of sound and I love it. I don’t know how anyone can sleep through this but campers appear to… perhaps they are accustomed to it as one becomes accustomed to the noises of the city traffic but these guys… they are noisy bugga’s and I love it! They will quieten with the fullness of day, once the sun has crept above the horizon and once more the world will become one of light song and the occasional cackle of the kookaburra, such an Aussie sound that is to be enjoyed.

This is what is my most treasured memory of the Murrumbidgee, one of my favourite places, as I sit here and watch the calming waters on their endless path from the of the Snowy mountains, winding their way down to the Great Southern Ocean as they join the Waters of the River Murray at Boundary Bend, around 50 clicks south of Robinvale.
Boundary Bend

Here, nearby, is one of those magnificent and grand old men of the river sitting up on the bank from us. He is a gum tree that has seen the passage of time drift by in the fast flowing waters at his feet and he is truly one of those magnificent old men of the bush. HIs limbs twist in a million different ways and in this season his colours are a million shades of grey and that gorgeous olive pastel green of the Aussie bush. His limbs are decorated with dozens of nesting cavities, where the birds, possums and creatures of the inland will find a home and a place to rest in safety. His is a grand old man, worthy of the status as King of the riverbanks… these are the things I love.


Others ask why we travel about continuously. They aren’t sure what the attraction is though they often acknowledge the adventure and the sense of holiday. Though for us this is not a holiday… this is our life, the one we have chosen. It’s hard to put into words sometimes, to attempt to couch our joy of touring in a way that is understood. Mostly though, our love of travel can be found in moments such as described above. Other moments also, times shared around a small campfire, or those while you lean against a handy prop and chatter in an idle manner about the business of travel, enjoyment and adventurous times you’ve had. These are the tales and talk of travellers and more than anything… this is why we love to travel.

Life can be really great at times can it not?

Travel Well.

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4 thoughts on “The Murrumbidgee – Carolling with the Cockatoo’s

  1. As the cheeky Tasmanians would say “you’re back in Australia now”.
    To my mind the magpie is the best singer of all birds and I love the way that they walk up to you completely unafraid and burst into song. Safe travels.

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