Lost Worlds – Aboriginal Australia

One of the greatest farces of Australian History is that commonly the history taught to our children only takes into account the last 200 years or so of cultural development. It is almost as though our centres of Education, chose not to acknowledge that our history is over 50,000 years and more of continual cultural development. Culture is about us all… and the many facets of a land, facets which make the gem, that is Aus’, dance in the light. Our culture, in all its facets, is the longest continuing culture in the world. It is that which is still within our reach to preserve, given the tools available to us… writing and the building of record, this to share down through the ages. It is not only a farce that we ignore what is a real treasure in our own time, but a tragedy that we should be so ignorant.

Research is a large part of my writing, the stories I scribe and the tales I tell. Recently I came across a remarkable Doco’ … Did I mention that I love YouTube as a resource amongst other assets of the Internet… Well I came across a wonderful piece of work and I wanted to share it with you. Its a Doco… largely presenting the culture of Arnhem Land and its a treasure, well worth the hour to watch.

As part of my own personal journey to preserve and present Australian culture, I have written contemporary novels in The Dreaming Series. These novels delve into Aboriginal culture as it can be found today, yet that which deals with Lore, mystics and the world of the Dreamtime. These novels are available in e-book at both Smashwords and Amazon as well as a print version at Amazon.



The first book, Shadow Dreaming, introduces you to the Aboriginal Lore of Australia in the tale of a mans struggle to preserve his ancient Lore, in a contemporary world. It is a tale of discovery and adventure, love and trial. But the story weaves a tale beneath a tale, as anyones experience is a composite of what others experience. None of us step completely alone in this world… for if we did… would we even really exist?

Painting DreamingAs you begin to identify the stories of others, woven within the tale you will meet other Men and Women of Lore, each on their own journey.  The second book is such a story as each of the four books of the Dreaming Series is the story of a Man of Lore, and a record of his trials as his knowledge unfolds and grows within the Lore. These novels are a journey, similar to the journey I have taken throughout my own life in peeling back an ancient Lore, to be found in an Ancient land such as Australia is.
Rainbow SerpentThe second book, Sky Song is a story that begins within the first, but you rediscover the world of a brother. His struggle is an ancient tale of a younger brother growing up within the shadow of an older, seemingly more capable brother. You will however learn that each of us has gifts, talents and ways that are unique to ourselves. It is an ancient and timeless tale in more ways than one as his struggle becomes a challenge to claim a woman he loves, a woman promised to another. It is the love story in the series, but this story also touches the lives and tales of others around them. The telling will take you deep into the Daintree Rainforest and deeper into the Lore.

WandjinaThe third book Spirit of the Rock, is the tale drawn from the previous two also. You know and recognise the main character for he too is part of the tale of the brothers. His story though is one of discovery. As the tale unfolds you find the depth in the lives of the people you have become most familiar with… it is a tale that is a journey across Australia, and one touching the islands and the people of this land. It is also a journey into Lore, and ancient Lore that harbours the mysteries of the land and the story will take into the red dust of the centre. It is a secret world, where you will walk in quiet places amongst the mystic beings that are an integral part of the Australian landscape. You will visit the world of the Mimi, adventure across the land and end up lost in the land of the Lore.

The forth and final book Caverns of the Dreamtime, in this series is one that steps you deeper into Lore, peeling back mysteries and walking through history. You know the primary character more deeply, perhaps more so than any of the others tales, as you have grown through the years with him. As his knowledge has grown, so has yours. This young Man of crystal cave 1Lore will take you places that you have never walked before and you will discover the quiet places where the women of Lore step. It is an adventure like no other and it will open up a world hidden and beyond our own, but which has a history that is shared… one that is quiet.

These tales will lead you into our past, step with you within our present, and take into the future with the link to other stories, told in the series The Spirit Children. Within the pages of these books you will learn of the mysteries buried within  the ancient Lore of the tribes of Australia, and finally deep into the mysteries that are a part of our land.

Join me and discover a world like none other you will ever visit.


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