Hot Springs – Outback in NSW:

We are off on our adventure into Outback NSW, and the weather if freezing (for a Qld’er) compared to the coast. But teaching the Grandson to light a camp fire was a lot of fun… and he has proven proficient at toasting marshmallow’s which is always a plus as we head into camp at the Pilliga Hot Bore. 

Camping up on a billabong, the Rainbow Reserve east of Goondiwindi, just off the border river between NSW & Qld is a delight though. The cockatoo’s and corella’s have all paired up for the winter breeding season and of a morning they are noisy little bugga’s when they welcome the sun.

My very first experience of Australian Hot Springs was on an early visit opal mining, in Lightning Ridge in NSW, and they have been a favourite place of mine for-ever since then.  On this trip I was torn between a winter visit to Pilliga Artesian Bore and Burren Junction Artesian Bore. Both quite close to each other and only a drive west from Narrabri or Moree in the NSW Outback. 

Moree of course has its own precious hot springs, and a serviced caravan park nearby but we prefer freedom camping, and don’t mind supporting local businesses including donation camps and  the subsequent dearth of holiday crowds.

Pilliga Bore won our vote on this trip around, due only to time and distance restraints as we have a plan for this adventure. 

Aus’ doesn’t have much current, active volcanic activity, so our hot springs and bores have different origins. What heats our subterranean water is the earths molten core and where we get hot springs, the heated water is coming up from the subterranean molten rock pools of subsurface magma.

Pilliga Hot Baths

Hot springs are scattered throughout Australia but my favourite is Bitter Springs south Katherine NT and in the Elsey National Park, it’s a local secret and a true gem of a place. Though forget you heard that from me as I would hate the crowds to find it. Mataranka Thermal Pool in NT is of course the favourite of  travellers and you should go there… it too is stunning.

As we relax, warm up and enjoy the delights of the Outback in winter I hope you too find that nice cosy spot somewhere in the sun.

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  1. Hi Jan, enjoy your travels & take care. Thanks for sending & looking forward to more reading of your Trip. Lyn🥰

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