An Aussie Ski Season

Smiggins Hole

Now I am not a snow bunny… however I do appreciate a pristine view of the white stuff from the comfort of a snug fire and a hot drink. When each of our Grandies hit double digits we start to plan a holiday with them… one to drag them off individually with Grampie and Grandma into the never never of their choice… it is a ‘our’ time; a time to discover the character of each of our Grandkids as they begin to emerge into adults and to inspire in them a certain independence. It is something we absolutely love to do and it has proven equally rewarding for all concerned.

It has become obvious over the years (and a number of Grandie holidays) that given a choice of anywhere in Aus’ to go for a holiday our Grandkids do love a snow jaunt. It should be noted that they all are from sub-tropic to tropic Queensland, and the snow has a unique attraction to these sun loving kids. It’s an unknown adventure into an strange idyllic world.

We have visited many snow fields throughout Aus’ and across the ditch as well. Including those in Tas’. Amongst them are Ben Lomond and Mount Wellington and the high country of the Tassies Tablelands, mostly to run our fingers through the white stuff.  Serious jaunts have seen us at Mnt Hotham, Mnt Buller and Dinner Plains in Vic. In NSW it has been through the lovely Perisher Valley of the Snowy country. This time we chose to revisit the very first snow field we ventured onto some 40yrs ago with our own baby vegemighters… this, Smiggins Hole. 

We have fond memories of Smiggins in its youth, those of tearing down snow slopes on toboggans with our kiddies when they only knee high and over, it was a holiday commonly remembered fondly as the ‘soup’ holiday. We were on a shoe string and in a commuter van based out from Cooma when we dragged our babies up into the Snowy Mountains… the fare was soup in all its varieties and crusty bread for both lunch and dinner for every day, this for a week. It was the ‘soup’ holiday and we had an absolutely memorable ball non-the-less. Building our snowman, having snow fights and haring recklessly down fresh slopes between the trees. 

I must say that Smiggins Hole has grown up some over the last forty years. Australians have discovered the good fun to be had in the snow and now the slopes are littered with ski lifts/tows, and they host hundreds of people at play, but we still loved it just as much this time around. I would recommend booking ahead, for tickets, passes and everything possible, particularly lessons and our choice was the 3 hour lesson on the snowboard. The Grandson had a ball and stayed extra time as it was just such a beautiful afternoon… one of those spectacular winter days in the snowfields. I stayed in the warmth of the Smiggins Pub and watched through the panoramic windows. It too was just equally delightful for these old bones of mine.

The making of memories, those of blue Aussie skies, white fresh snow and the delight of those discovering the wonder of snow for the very first time. Just magical!

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