A Sydney-Siders Bucket List

What to do in the ‘Harbour City’

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Having grown up in Sydney there are iconic things which near all Sydney-siders do.  Sydney is a great place to visit and the activities you can decide on are a myriad, enough to engage the interest of all and any visitors. There are however a core of things which Sydney-siders love, ranging from the sublime the simplest. I am sure Sydney-siders can easily add to this list as it does after all come down to personal choice, but here I have listed few iconic things which… if you haven’t done them, then you are remiss in your education. Wanna know what they are… read on.

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Route 39 – The Dark Sky Park & Our Bushrangers

Part II in travelling the Newell Highway

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Click through to RV Daily, The Dark Sky Park by Jan

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park – Sydney 

kuringai engraving.pngOne of Sydneys magnificent bush reserves can be found just North of the city centre. A favourite haunt for Sydney-siders has always been this beautiful National Park. It nestles quietly on the coast between the Hawkesbury and Port Jackson, in its own brand of splendour. Often the most visitors to Sydney see of the park is the unforgettable sandstone cuttings which herald your northern approach into Sydney. These are for me the gateway to the sprawling city, found along the M1, but there is so much more than this to see.

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Route 39 – Travelling the Newell Hwy

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RV DAILY ARTICLE – Part 1 by Jan Hawkins

Secret Places – Cockatoo Island, Sydney

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Sydney is always one of our favourite cities on our Aussie shores… there is simply so much to do and diversity aplenty. On our latest trip we decided to truly explore the harbour as much as time permitted and what we discovered were secrets, as only Sydney Harbour can provide. There was one gem though that I would love to share with you and that is Cockatoo Island and what a sparkling gem it is… and what a history. Continue reading

A Different Route – Route 39 Outback NSW

Route 39‘The Man’ and I travel the eastern seaboard more so than anywhere else in Australia. So much so that it has become a home-ground path. This route is our first ‘go via’ on the Eastern seaboard when we consider another adventure but there are times when you really have to venture further. We haven’t taken the out-back run… Route 39 down the Newell Highway, for some time and we felt that it was time to venture out and shake up our habits. We were yearning for the gold fields of the Victorian highlands and a good winter stint along the beautiful banks of the River Murray and as it turned out it was really great

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