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Newly Released. The Spirit Children Series, those born of the Dreaming.

The Spirit Children Series, those born of the Dreaming.

Tales of the Featherfoot. Discover an ancient Lore, a world hidden in and around Sydney. Tales of the Kadaitcha to be found in a modern world. The Spirit Children Series.

Preparing for the SKI Trip The 30’s Somethings’ generation is a pretty good lot I often think. They lead you into all manner of problems as kids do of all ages, but it is of a particular pleasure when they get to this age. You can scare the crap out of them so easily if you just but try. They are independent mostly (they think), and if they aren’t then you can plague them about how they should be. A double-edged sword that, really… one which nips at the conscience. So it is now Monday and I am thinking it’s time to post more about the 30’s Somethings’ Mum experience. A new commitment of mine that I quietly enjoy. The sunset years of our working life were a kind of a prep’ for the more dependent 60’s… mine… and I am fast approaching that age too. I plan on bounding through retirement as a gleeful and irresponsible grey nomad out for a good time and I can’t see any problem with that at all. Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 1.09.09 pmDependent? I hear your groan. Yep… dependent on the 30 Somethings’ lot to look after the home and chattels. After all it will be theirs one day so they better man-up. If they don’t they will only have themselves to blame… and to deal with the fiscal mayhem we could leave them. We are Dependent… despite one of the brood pointing out that they get to choose my retirement village!  I fixed that shenanigans…  we built us a granny flat (Mum version) at the bottom of the garden. Never give up I a say. We will also be Dependent… because they also get to organize the bills that hit the letter box while we are off gallivanting around the countryside and that takes some training which has been going on for a while. You see I… hubby and I that is, will be somewhere out in the Never Never very soon. This in our trusty van otherwise known as the Grampie Flat (Dad version) and one of the 30 Somethings’ will be house managing for us. The Man was retrenched this week, quite shockingly but this has been on the table for a long time and we have been making preparations for equally as long, so the shock is more physical than emotional. However the escapade now begins and we are taking a couple of weeks out for a sortie run, with some glee and anticipation. Unlike when they were littlies, the 30’s Something’ crowd have something extra to offer the parents as mentioned. Independence! Ours. This was the trade off, little did they know it at the time of their maturity, that our nurturing had a flip side. They maybe didn’t realize that their dependence on our help, once they achieved ‘their version of independent’ back after the celebration of their 24yr, had a pay-back clause.  A parent to any 30’s Something offspring who have offspring (Grandkids), will understand that rationale perfectly. When in Rome I figured back in some time distantly passed, that the age of dependence (my version) was when our offspring reached the age of somewhere around ‘24-34yrs’ and hopefully had by then managed to produce a few Grandies for us to enjoy. Once that touchstone was reckoned with, they were then dependent on the legacy’ of Grandparents … their kids Grandparents that is, or US.  This is a time when the Grandparents (us) became on-call babysitters, in part role-models, mentors and the ‘Bank of Dad’ opened for trade. Prior to that we didn’t consider that anything was ‘pay-back’ material. We after all had decided to have the brats, so we were natually obligated to raise them, feed & nurture them and put up with all manner of crap. After the age of 24yrs though we figured they were truly their own people and therefore everything then came up for negotiation. Everything being… accommodation, food, fiscal considerations, holidays, time etc. This all became pay-back material. You get my drift? Enter the 30’s Something crowd dealing with the parents bent on escape and it is Pay Back time! Hubby and I can now, having been thrown early into his retirement together, will now be depend on their commitment, practical not physical and we hope their training has gone well. They after all decided to have us after they had reached the age of 24yrs… did they not? Particularly when it came to accommodation, food, fiscal considerations, holidays, time etc.  I see this as an elective decision on their part and one that comes with responsibilities now. Pay Back – I love that term, it has primeval connotations does it not and it is now fast approaching Pay Back time. GoldpanningSo as we now descend deeper into the irresponsible anarchy of retirement, bent on becoming unruly and purely out to enjoy ourselves often. This hopefully with the little Grandies in tow at times, the now ‘30’s Something’ brood is looking on with some trepidation. I guess they are hoping we will not make it solely a Spend the Kids Inheritance extravaganza, otherwise known as a SKI holiday in Aus. They live in hope that we will behave responsibly… sooooo… reminds me of their own teenage years which we muddled through bemoaning their excesses does it not? Currently we are busily trying to convince the Baby Boy that he really does need to live with Mum and Dad to look after the primary residence… something he thankfully has taken too despite the loss of kudos in ‘looking to be living with the parents’ as it is a long way from ‘living on the titanic’ which is his current abode. Yes the Baby Boy lives on a boat and enjoys his freedom (from  us). Our proposal has huge advantages for him, many of which I may save for another time but the cost of ‘being seen to be living with the parents’ comes as a blow to his own sense of independence… while he is trying to impress the all important new Out-law. But we are going to fly the coop and leave him to it which will seem a lot better from his outlook (and the Out-laws). ferretThen there is convincing the Princess, the one and only girl in the brood and the youngest, that she can manage the responsibilities of ‘Power of Attorney’, particularly now that she has shed the responsibility of the irresponsible spouse… otherwise known (for as long as we’ve known him) as The Scrubber or the new and improved name of Derelict Dad. I guess her reservations come down to my explanation of what the role of POW entailed… it was a bit gruelling. It didn’t help that this antonym also means Prisoner Of War. Put like this “Darlin’ all it means that if I drive your dad around the bend and off the road… you get to scrape us off the pavement, dust us off, patch us up and pay the bills.” The rest of the brood, Son no.1 and Second Son look on with a degree of trepidation, waiting for the blow of Our expectations. We are saving their particular expose’ for another day and the trepidation in their manner is really delightful. Bring it on… The challenges of the 30’s Something Mum

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