Route 39; Travelling the Newell Hwy

Route 39

RV DAILY ARTICLE – Part 1 by Jan Hawkins

Secret Places – Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Cockatoo Is.png

Sydney is always one of our favourite cities on our Aussie shores… there is simply so much to do and diversity aplenty. On our latest trip we decided to truly explore the harbour as much as time permitted and what we discovered were secrets, as only Sydney Harbour can provide. There was one gem though that I would love to share with you and that is Cockatoo Island and what a sparkling gem it is… and what a history. Continue reading

A Different Route – Route 39 Outback NSW

Route 39‘The Man’ and I travel the eastern seaboard more so than anywhere else in Australia. So much so that it has become a home-ground path. This route is our first ‘go via’ on the Eastern seaboard when we consider another adventure but there are times when you really have to venture further. We haven’t taken the out-back run… Route 39 down the Newell Highway, for some time and we felt that it was time to venture out and shake up our habits. We were yearning for the gold fields of the Victorian highlands and a good winter stint along the beautiful banks of the River Murray and as it turned out it was really great

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Living The Dream – And Family

campfire 2018

Living the Dream

Planning for our next tour is always fun and between family time and living, this is what has been filling my thoughts of late and its led me to reflect on travel and family. After a number of years there still is simply so much of our beautiful country to see. Even revisiting places we love is a joy, as we get to see what time has made of them and then there is Family… yours.

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Noodling for Nundle Diamonds

Nundle diamonds.pngNundle in NSW, east of Tamworth, is an old gold prospection area that we love to visit. Cold in winter or hot in summer if offers challenges… those which include access to water, unless of course it is flooding.  Nearby Chaffey Dam is a favourite camp for many as is the caravan park in Nundle itself, spacious and comfortable, and it is here you will find the Info Centre which is necessary for panning and noodling advice. Particularly if your not sure what your doing. Continue reading

Australia’s Rainbow Serpents


Serpents have starred in religion since Adam and Eve… which is relatively recent. Before that they also starred in the Dreamtime and predominantly in ancient Lore around the globe, being involved in the creation and the evolution of mankind. In Australia, which has some of the most ancient lands still above the tide, serpents hold a special place in Lore… and they are commonly known as the Rainbow Serpents. Continue reading