The Savannah Way – Carpentaria Qld

Savannah wayWe are in Far North Qld, headed west once more along the Savannah Way. This time however we are travelling many of the Development Roads. The Savannah Way is a composite highway that stretches from Cairns on the East Coast (sunrise side) across the continent to Broome on the West Coast (sunset side). It is some 3700 klm long, varying according to the path you take. There is a tar ribbon, which is the most favoured track, but there are also a network of Development Roads which wind their way through the rolling savannah, the Carpentaria or Channel Country, and they are all part of the Savannah Way. The rougher Development roads travel on into Arnhem Land and through vast tracts of wilderness as they wind their way west. These Development Roads to the east of Western Aus’ are those that we choose to explore during this trip into the centre of Australia.

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