All things Aus. – A Giggle and a Slap

I must admit that I had a smile on my dial when read the wondrous geographic and social errors in the US media this week. They do seem to regularly get this stuff hideously wrong and it is a sore reflection on their education system. It does seem that educational systems through out the world are more concerned with fantasy than reality often, controlled as they are by Government and Religious mainstream doctrine.

smileWe have reason to wonder if the national education of our kids, once they have conquered the A B C’s along with the 1 2 3’s should be more about how to learn what is relevant to you than about what to learn. Consider this… the reality that once you enter the tertiary education level … the 1st year is more about repeating old lessons than actually learning anything new. Perhaps it is time we took a serious look at just what our kids need to really learn, given the social pressures and social nightmares we are now dealing with from within our communities. Social behaviour seriously is at a historical all time low in our society today.

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Food for Thought – Wild Snacks

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 11.48.07 amBush foods, those delightful snacks that nature provided truly about all about us but you need to understand what it is you are eating if you don’t wish to end up at the doc’s explaining just what it is you have done to yourself.

I am on a mission! I have a want to learn all about the foods in nature’s supermarket, which abounds all about us. It is a slow and careful process of course as it should be, try to learn from those around you if you can. As a child I could never understand why it was that anyone would plant so many trees in parks and the like, mostly ornamental. Why not plant nature’s fruits and foods that could feed the hungry and homeless souls in this world, a free bounty for all and sundry from hungry kids to those less flush with funds?

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