What I did with a Croc in the Bathtub


Pickled crocCrocodiles … luv ’em … preferably in tempura batter and served on a salad bed 🙂

But there are other bits to crocodiles à la carte such as feet, claws intact. Having given it some consideration I decided on pickling them along with some vegies and spices. I hate to waste anything! If a lizard has given up its life to me … then the least I can do is show it the utmost respect and eat the lot.

Read on for the recipe and advice…

What to do with a Crocodile in the Bathtub

NFQ Croc'

NFQ Croc’

Travelling into croc’ country has its advantages, amongst these is rather than the croc’ eating you, you get to make a meal of him. Having recently returned from Far North Queensland where crocodiles abound the souvenir I came back with was a croc’ … One perfectly dead and frozen in my hand luggage.

Now I know to some of you this may sound a tad weird but I was so hoping the search and destroy guy at the security check-in was gunna search. It didn’t happen but the frozen croc did last the two-hour flight, this after it had been dissected within an inch of its life and processed to eatable portions.

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