Oldies at Large – What a Pest!

The Aussie mud wasp has struck. We thought we had it all in hand when it came to those glorious pests of the Aussie bush. You know the ones…

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 6.28.10 amThey come in all forms and some are as cute as kids. Anyone who freecamps out bush side will be familiar with the marsupial mouse who loves to nibble on rubber water hoses under the bonnet. We have accepted that life included regularly checking and replace the water hoses in the Cruiser … the mighty work-dog which tows the Grampie Flat … who would want to kill these little guys and besides the bush rats or the native marsupial mice are cute little beggars who we regularly encounter. Bait is not an option for us as we travel with dogs and we have already had one session at the vets with rat bait that I do not care to repeat… we carry spare hose instead.

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