Exploring the Inland Canyon Region – NW Tasmania

Gunns Plains Caves

In one spectacular day we ventured in a loop down from Forth, and south, inland into the Canyon Region. Our aim was to explore the Gunns Plains Caves and it was a true delight. The caves travel deep under the mountain through to the other side and much of their length is still unchartered with extensive wet caves, sinkholes and active underground streams. Geoff our guide was a wonderful, full of tales and anecdotes, he was as entertaining as the caves were beautiful.

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Nundle – A Gem in the NSW Goldfields

Peel R tamworth

The best of travelling when your retired is time, the time you can take to do the things you love. For me this is watching… noting the world around me, and exploring the places we go and meeting the people from different worlds as we share our experiences. These are the things that stay with you the most.

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Travel Aus’ for Just 99c

Available for the greatly reduced price of 99c for a short time are the collated stories of ‘Discovering Australia & Her Lore’ in ebook.

white covers

The stories of travelling Aus’ 2013-14 will be available from 20th April for one week only at this price which is 75% discount. Just follow the links.

The 2015 ebook edition following your adventure through Australia will be available from 19th May, for one week only at 99c, or available at other times for the normal price of US$3.99.

Full of Australian tales, and the travelling experience of a wandering lifestyle, you can experience the richness of life on the wallaby.

Come join us in an adventure. You will also find a ‘download for free’ ebook reader available at Amazon, for your computer or tablet.
Discover Australia and Her Ancient Lore.

Our Cities – Places of History

We’re in Sydney once more, on our annual (or bi-) migration, having just completed the fun loop from Sydney through to Canberra, on to Melbourne and back and in comparing the big three there can be found a lot of entertainment.

Melbourne streets

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15 Things I’ve learnt as a Grey Nomad

Corella Dam Cloncurry

1. Blessed are the Chiller Bags

These handy zippered bags are the best thing since sliced bread. They are cheap as chips, readily available and great for storage and all manner of things. We store our seasonal clothes (out of season) in these and use them for dirty clothes. We prefer them to plastic when shopping or picnicking and they are great for holding ropes, cables and the like.

2. Companionship is Precious

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It Rains in a Rainforest – Oldies at Large

KurandaBeing camped up in a rainforest brings its own delights, the least of which is the nightly orchestra of bugs and frogs, often accompanied by the steady beat of rain on the caravan roof. This is something that is a particular delight given that we have spent the last 18 months chasing the sun around Aus’. We have been yearning for rain for some time and here up in FNQ, in the tropical rainforests along the Cairns escarpment it has at times been a muddy delight.

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Oldies at Large – Gods Own Country

Wuruma DamWe are camped up in Gods Own Country. It is a place well west of the coastal fringe in central Queensland. We have left the coast well behind, it is a region where life is very much frenetic at this time. It is mid-winter so the nights are freezing here in the Burnett Region but such a view we have!

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Oldies at Large – Seattle WA

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 8.22.55 amExploring Seattle has been a lot of fun, from the dusty dank recesses of the Underground to the history of the Burke Museum on Washington campus. Basically it is an old Sea Port, not so old that it is steeped in history, after all it was only developed in the gold rushes of the 1860’s… but old enough to have an interesting history.

My forefather made it here, he was a 15yr old stowaway on a trade vessel that plied the waves between Sydney Australia, and Seattle Washington back in the 1880’s & 90’s so my interest is nautical and dockside.

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Oldies at Large – Portland OR

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.18.29 pmPortland for us is a special stop, one where we will be linking up with friends who are like family in our life journey. It is also a great city to visit. Once known as the ‘City of Stumps’ or ‘Stumptown’ it is now the City of Roses but for me it is also the city of bridges for I have never seen so many bridges across a central river as in Portland, not even in good old London it seems. Continue reading

Oldies at Large – Staying in Touch

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.01.25 pmWell we are now stumbling into May and June is just around the corner. Ratting around the bush this last weeks has been a great adventure but it is time to prepare for something mammoth. You might have noticed that my posts have spread out a bit and this is because preparations have been underway for something of a hiatus.

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