Cruising Sydney : The Hawkesbury

Hawkesbury RIf I were to name the most beautifully and breathtaking river on Earth it would be the Hawkesbury River, an hour north of Sydney. I have travelled some of what are recognized as the greatest rivers in the world, the Rhine, the Danube, The Yangtze even the muddy Thames but the Hawkesbury… aghh the beautiful Hawkesbury shines above them all like a jewel.

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The Old Gulflander – A train to No-where

Gulflander lngWe caught a train this week, one that is the most unusual and the most isolated in the world. It travels between Normanton and Croydon and that is the only place it travels. It’s affectionately known as the Gulflander and it’s been in operation since 1991 on a narrow gauge rail that is in itself unique. The rail line is completely made of iron, the sleepers, the line and it has no need of ballast.

The train was a true charmer, an old lady of a past era with no windows but blinds, leather bench seats and quaint detail right down to the brass passenger bell and chord. It also has a crank petrol engine… I did say it was unique and it truly is. In Australia, the like can only be found at Australind in WA and Puffing Billy in the Gippsland of Victoria.

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