Normanton – Home of the Biggest Damn Croc’ in the World

CrocThe sleepy little town of Normanton is a step into history. It is a lovely inland port along the Norman River and the town offers many of the amenities that the Gulf community needs. Its greatest claim to fame is it was the home of Krys a croc’ and also the home of the magnificent Gulflander… a train leaving from somewhere and going to nowhere but what a wonderful ride!

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What I did with a Croc in the Bathtub


Pickled crocCrocodiles … luv ’em … preferably in tempura batter and served on a salad bed 🙂

But there are other bits to crocodiles à la carte such as feet, claws intact. Having given it some consideration I decided on pickling them along with some vegies and spices. I hate to waste anything! If a lizard has given up its life to me … then the least I can do is show it the utmost respect and eat the lot.

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What to do with a Crocodile in the Bathtub

NFQ Croc'

NFQ Croc’

Travelling into croc’ country has its advantages, amongst these is rather than the croc’ eating you, you get to make a meal of him. Having recently returned from Far North Queensland where crocodiles abound the souvenir I came back with was a croc’ … One perfectly dead and frozen in my hand luggage.

Now I know to some of you this may sound a tad weird but I was so hoping the search and destroy guy at the security check-in was gunna search. It didn’t happen but the frozen croc did last the two-hour flight, this after it had been dissected within an inch of its life and processed to eatable portions.

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