The Spirit Children

Book 1 – Lands Edge

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The Story of the Children

Book 1 is the story of Jeremy, who you meet in the pages of Shadow Dreaming. A child born in the community he has now reached his Senior years in schooling when life takes control of his world. His journey into shamanism is one of the three known ways in which the traditional Lore of the Australian Aboriginal draws shaman into their spirituality.

The Dreaming Series introduces you to another world usually hidden within a sacred Lore. These are the stories of the shaman, their lives and loves. A path in which young men mature to the deep spiritualism in this ancient Lore. It is a path into Shamanism in ancient Australia.

Jeremy’s journey has been written for the adventurous and it has a companion book, the second book in the series as told from an adults perspective.

In this second book Tom continues his initiation into his own Lore, that of the Kadaitcha along with the lessons of life. The two books tell of the same set of events but from perspectives which are unique. Book 1 is rated G and YA while Book 2 is MA and reveals a deeper understanding of life and its intrigues.

The young men travel their path together, under the guidance of their mentors however their experiences are very different. The setting for the stories is contemporary Sydney, revealing an ancient Lore which survives in the modern city. You once more will be drawn into the world of the Spirit Creatures from the Caverns of the Dreamtime, with tales drawn from Aboriginal legends in dealing with the Wolgaru Serpent and his constant companions the dark Djaranin Dogs of Death who hunt the broken shades of Man.

With Jeremy you will reach into the Caverns and meet the Oruncha Men of the spirit world, learning some of their secrets in an ancient world and touch the lands of the Jongorrie. You can discover the histories of your own world, those lost to a more modern and banal times.

Book 2 – Through Other Eyes

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 8.11.13 amThis is Toms story of the events which overtake the lives of the two young men. It is a journey into a world hidden from other eyes, a tale which will take you deep into the mysteries of an ancient Lore. You will gain a new understanding of the Inlands, discover a new view of the world around you. Touch upon the ancient mysteries of the Jenolan Caves deep in the mountains behind Sydney, Australia’s biggest city.

The e-books are available for  automatic delivery, ‘Through Other Eyes’ is of the ancient tales of Australia. It is the essence of Australian Storytelling. Check out the discounts for print books at Jans webpage and follow the links.

The series is about those born of the Dreaming – The Children

Book 1 – Lands Edge : Jeremy’s story
Book 2 – Through Other Eyes : Tom’s tale
Book 3 – Fire Mountain – coming in 2016

Want to know more?

For the 30% discount code on the print version of book 1 ‘Lands Edge’ and book 2 ‘Through Other Eyes’ from the links at the Authors Website XS4PNU3R is the code you enter on checkout, this will absorb postage. To use the code you will need to purchase through the website. The password to enter this special wholesale & fan site is janhawkins

If you purchase the print copy, be sure to pick up the ebook for free if you purchase through Amazon.

Spirit C covers

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