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These are tours we have done, the fun we have had and the Adventures of our lifetime. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Around the Campfire’ Series of Aussie tales. Travelogues through the Australian wilderness and Outback.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.32.24 amIf you don’t have a kindle to read the ‘mobi’ file then look for this link on the Amazon page to download a e-reader for your computer or device for free.

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Rockies FP smallThe Rockies and the Greater NW USA
Book 1 in the ‘Oldies at Large’ Series

 Join Australian Author Jan Hawkins as she explores some of the wilderness area’s of the NW United States and Canadian Rockies. Come on a journey of discovery as Jan and ‘The Man’ tour the region.

‘Oldies at Large’ let loose in a unfamiliar Northern continent far from home they find a new world, as seen with a contemporary Australian view more accustomed to vast horizons and the dry Outback regions of Australia.

It is a place strange to Aussie eyes when they cross the Canadian Rockies, the vast Montana prairie and venture into beautiful Yellowstone. Follow their journey across the Snake River Plains as they discover a still active volcanic wonderland and tour with them along the old Oregon Trail deep into the ancient Redwoods of California. Then venture north into a world that is the USA today, seen through Aussie eyes.

Join them on a journey of discovery.

You can find Jan on Facebook. Join her on her journeys
Pop over to her official Web Site to find information on other publications
Jan also writes fiction stories about Australian Aboriginal and contemporary culture. Find out more here on the Blog page about
The Dreaming Series
and the New series The Spirit Children

You can also find Jan on Goodreads, where she is an active Author pleased of the opportunity to meet her readers.

Jan an NaumIf you would like to discover more about Travelling around Australia, Jan has written a series of tales from “Around the Campfire”
Books are available in e-book and some in print.
Come and explore her world, Australia.

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