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Around the Campfire Series

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The Around the Campfire Series will introduce you to Life on the Land, a world exploring what is Australia. Join our Writers and Authors as we show you our land, our world and our history.

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You can also find tales of travel in “Discovering Australia and Her Lore” in a large anthology of stories about touring Aus’ The e-book is available for the price of a cuppa’

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These following tales are available at in e-book & print

The stories have been bought together to introduce you to this Land Australia. They are tales and travelogues written in a delightfully candid way to entertain and inform. Join us on our adventures, come travel with me.

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1.              An Australian Dinosaur TourAus. Dino

Explore the Australian Dinosaur Trail with Author Jan Hawkins as she travels around Outback Queensland and into the world of the unique Australian Megafauna. Step back into time to the ancient land of Gondwana.
Learn about the Australian Dinosaur’s unique to this ancient land, discover what it is like to travel along the outback roads and hear about the ancient mystery of the Min Min lights.
An adventure like no other as our Author takes you into the remote regions of Far North Queensland, through the Channel Country and into the timeless world of Riversleigh, Australia’s World Heritage fossil site and its unique prehistoric mammals and remarkable creatures.

Ghosts of GORoad

2.              Ghosts of the Great Ocean Road

Explore the Great Ocean Road on the Southern edge of the Australian continent with Author Jan Hawkins. Learn of ‘wreckers’ who preyed on the ships bringing convicts, emigrant, goods and chattels to a new world.

Even today, looters worry the wrecks of another world. Share in the history of the Anzac’s who built the biggest War Monument in the world in what is part of the series ‘Around the Campfire’ with Jan Hawkins. Come travel with me.


3.              Across the Nullabor 

Let her show you her land, and tell you its tales and some of its histories. Join Author Jan Hawkins as she travels across Australia from Eastern coastline to the City of Gold, Kalgoorlie. It is an epic journey into a timeless land. A candid account of her travels through the outback of Australia.

Join Author Jan Hawkins as she travels across Australia from Eastern coastline to the City of Gold, Kalgoorlie WA. It is an epic journey into a timeless land, one that will take you into the Outback and across the mighty Nullabor, which sits on the edge of the continent of Australia, facing the Great Southern Ocean.

Deserts of Gold cov copy4.              Deserts of Gold

Travel into the Western Australian Deserts of Gold. Visit some of the old gold mining towns of the golden deserts with Author Jan Hawkins.

Read about the Golden Trail, the Super Pit and life in Kalgoorlie, a vibrant gold town in today’s world. Venture out into the red deserts and discover another world, one of the deserts of gold.

Come and travel with Jan into the wild and beautiful places of Australia.

DR Front cover copy

5.              Daintree Rainforest

Join our Author as she explores the beautiful and ancient Daintree Rainforest of Far North Queensland, Australia. It is a world where the Traditional Owners live in a wilderness beautiful beyond description. Ancient Lore’s govern the land of the rainforest. A place that can be as cruel as it is stunning.

Living amongst the forest are the creatures of the wild, crocodiles and Spirit creatures, which roam the forests in a timeless world.  Join us as we take you into the forest and discover this still ancient world together.

 BookCoverPreview but6.              Out on the Never Never 

Two Grannies, two dogs and a ‘Bitch Box’. A rollicking great adventure of a lifetime travelling across the Australian continent. Join our Grannies as they tour across the Nullabor, and travel through the Outback of Australia having an adventure of a lifetime.

With a will to explore and a desire to enjoy life to it’s fullest and see their country as only independent women can, we invite you to travel with them. This tale simply proves that it is never too late to take life by the reins and travel a continent.


7.              Nulla NullaNulla_Nulla_Cover_for_Kindle copy

Cecil Roy Mackaway grew up in the Hunter Valley north of Sydney, touched by a time now passed. Fresh from the influenced of a family with a convict colonial history he witnessed a world, seen from a unique view. His stories and poems bring to life the Australian colonial era and life lived from the Bushman’s perspective. Not always politically correct in today’s society, he none the less brings a richness and variety to our history and the tale of life as it was lived in the bush in a era now gone.

Life in this era was not easy, and often not even comfortable but it did bring with it our unique character, a temper, one that is as Australian as the broad expanses of an endless horizon and the carol of a brilliant night sitting around the campfire.

 Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 12.13.39 PM copy8.              Cape York 

Cape York is one of the few remaining wilderness regions in the world. It is a challenge, an adventure and a 4×4 wonderland. Join our Author as she explores the region, ventures into the rainforest and heathlands at the northern tip of Australia. It is a wild and wonderful world of crocodiles, carnivorous plants and a wonderland of unique experiences and remote landscapes. With few resources available aside that which you take yourself, camp out with us under the stars and join us around the campfire while we draw you into our tales. Available in ebook and print

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    • Hi there… I love this point of issue. The explorer who named it spelt it as I do. The English changed it.. But I have stayed with the original spelling as noted in my book “Across the Nullabor”. Keep it Aussie and call it the Oondiri Plains is actually my preference 🙂

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