Short Stories:

This is a collection of Short Stories and Flash Fiction, Travel tales and popular media publications. The short tales are drawn from research and are true stories in that the tale is knitted together from family history, official record and known fact as well as our experiences as we travel around our land, Aus’. Some were originally published under the leader “You Have Mail” they are true life studies of Australians. I hope that you will enjoy the collection. Use the yellow links below to find the stories, they are freely available on my Blog and on the internet.

Jan’s Articles Published Across Popular Media:


RV-Daily Articles by Jan Hawkins

Our Aussie Stock Routes:

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.09.31 am.png

Visiting the Yarra Valley, Vic

yarr Valley vic

Route 39 – The Newell Hwy – RV Daily

Part 1

Route 39

Part 2 – coming

gold in WA


caves article.png

tas sunrise side.png

Bush camps  2.png


hertitage hwy.png

Tas Plateau

Strahan 11


For a full listing of our Tasmanian Trip Articles Check out “It’s all in the Planning”







RV 002 2016

Flash Fiction:

A new genre to me and it has a different purpose in many ways than a novel would. My first venture into Flash Fiction is some 20-30 pages and some would say that is not flash enough. But to me it achieves the desired outcome and that is when the reader places their e-reader aside, they are left with a remnant of their thoughts. Or the proverbial – What if?

escapes kindleThese short stories are available for a few bob at Amazon and I hope you enjoy the adventure within the story.

The flight of the mind which books can take you on is precious to me and this is what I have tried to entice my reader with. What if…  What if it were true? What if it were possible?

This little Flash Fiction, e … is a probability, even a possibility. What if…?  I do love those words.

It is a Sci-fi fantasy, one that touches on the world of Facebook, grazing across our world from Cyber. A world we think we have created but What if…? What if Cyber created Us in the end? Just how could such a thing be possible?

Escapes cover 1 copye.scapes is Book 2 of the Flash Fiction series.
e-scapes  continues with the question of What if…? You just might be surprised where it leads you as e introduces you to her world, her reality and her challenges.

Go on… take a peek and meet e and enjoy the adventure, a flight of fantasy … or is it? Get a sneak peek here at Amazons ‘sneak peek’ and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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