That Favourite Aussie Destination is?

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As full time travellers we are often asked where our favourite place is. The question comes in many forms such as: Where is the best place to holiday? Or… What is the most beautiful place you have seen? Even … Where is it that you will go back to again?

It is always a hard question as there are so many stunning things to see, so much to experience and so many places you can simply wonder at, to be found across this vast continent of Australia. There are however some places that stay with you and memories are precious, so I wanted to share these special places with others.

This also is not an exclusive list, but one which notes those truly special places that live on in your mind, places you revisit in your thoughts for many different reasons and there are also different things that draw you back to places you have visited before. So, for those who are curious, are some of our favourite places to return to.

The place we plan to return too most often: THE KIMBERLEY, WA

Qondong pointThe Kimberley region in Far North-West Western Australia is like none other on earth. It is ancient and it is mysterious. There is so much hidden is this vast region. Things you should research, seek out, discover gradually and uncover slowly. It is a place of high adventure and one of the remotest and most challenging places on earth. The climate and season governs your experience and it is a world you need to prepare well for if you plan to venture there. Its rewards are many but they take time to uncover and you need to have an understanding of the world you are experiencing. It is both a challenge and a very special delight.

The place we love to explore the most: THE BLUE MOUNTAINS, NSW

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 4.00.10 pmThe Blue Mountains offers experiences that are varied, unique in many ways, and challenging. The bush tracks that criss-cross the forests, reserves and National Parks are many and will deliver some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. They are a bushwalkers delight, and an explorer and adventurers Pandora’s box. People die ‘off the track’ in this region readily, as it presents risks and dangers often little understood. The native bush is full of creepy Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.01.25 pmcrawlies, snakes and enchanting wildlife. The risks are diverse, from hidden underground caverns to the reality of being disorientated and lost in the beautifully mesmerizing landscape, a place just moment’s from civilization. It is not a place where you would venture of the beaten track without company, resources and skills but it offers a world of wonderful experiences.

The place that delivers diversity and a broad range of experiences: THE SNOWY MOUNTAINS, NSW/VIC

wildflowers snowy

The Snowy Mountain Region and the Alpine National Park are delightfully diverse in the experiences they offer the traveller and adventurer. The region stretches from the SW coastline, and deep into the highest peeks on the continent. These peeks are what the Snowy region is known for and they are stunning in all their seasons. From the deep snow, Beach Sealto the blankets of alpine flowers, this place draws us back often. What comes as a surprise to the explorer though is the vast stretch of coastline that is also part of the region. Places where seals can be found basking on golden sands, where brumbies still roam and where the difficult terrain is what birthed the legend of the ‘Man from the Snowy River’. Here the water runs crystal in the mountain streams and the skies are vast windows of brilliant starlight, pressed between tall mountains. The adventures to be had in this region are as endless as your imagination and as enthralling as your dreams.

The most beautiful vista we have found: THESE ARE IN THE VASTNESS OF OUR LAND

This question is the most difficult as it teases the emotions and as an Aussie, the vista’s available to our eyes and as endless as the horizon. But if I were to choose that which has enthralled me, it would have to be the view from the Five Rivers Lookout at Wyndham WA. That is without exception the most breathtaking of views.


However, if it is emotion that feeds your curiosity then the view from the top of the Uluru takes the prize. I know it is a controversial thing to climb the rock… but it is also something that is done in ceremony, and my experience was deeply meaningful. As an Australian my experience was personally ceremonial. I was celebrating my land at the time and this experience has remained with me since very early in our travels. The sense of your place in this vast land is overwhelming when you look out over the immensity of the red outback, from the top of the rock. The experience firmly placed me alongside the smallest of creatures that walk our world. It is an experience you cannot forget easily and one that you should experience but once as an Aussie.

The most historical place in Australia: Tasmania & Inland Australia.


History means many different thing to people, and it commonly has different values. If you are looking for the history of civilization in Aus’ then Tasmania, the Convict Isle, is the most wondrous place to explore. From Port Arthur, which is steeped in the history of the birth of our society to the labours of our convict past to those early endeavours of settlers in a want to build a society where a man could roam free, then there is no other place that can offer you such a vast collective record of our social history. It can be as amusing, as tragic and as revealing as any I have found in our travels throughout the world.

MegafaunaIf you are seeking historical record of an ancient world then the caverns and rock shelters of Aus’ are without peer across the planet. From the wonders of Naracoorte caves in SA to Riversleigh in FNQ you can easily find evidence of a truly ancient world. One inhabited by unique and prehistoric animals born of Gondwana. These are the places of a hidden history in Inland Australia, the subterranean world of the ancient creatures. Australian Rock art is truly also that which is an ancient record. Our mammals and pre-historic creatures are unique and the story told of our land in paintings and rock etchings is without equal on earth in their antiquity and history. They should be celebrated much more than they are.

This list of Aussie wonders is endless you know. I can go on, there is so much to experience, so much to see and my fingers itch to keep talking but there is only so much space I can take up… perhaps I will revisit this list again. My thoughts are boiling in … What about here… you forgot to mention there… is it any wonder that we continue to travel our land and explore… this is our life.

Travel well.

Stories of travelling Australia and the travelling experience of a wandering lifestyle, you can experience the richness of life on the wallaby.

Come join us in an adventure in Discover Australia and Her Ancient Lore.


6 thoughts on “That Favourite Aussie Destination is?

  1. What a great list. Five Rivers lookout has to be on a world’s best list yet so few have heard of it. I was captivated. Thanks for reminding me that it’s time we dragged the van up to the Snowy mountains, it’s been too long.

  2. Thanx for linking to my post about the AWESOME Five Rivers Lookout – the view actually made it into my book Aussie Loos with Views! Love your list – have been to most of these places and can’t wait to see them again!

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