Aboriginal Australia – The Oruncha Men of Tribal Lore

This article has been picked up by the e-mag Australia Esoteric Online and republished on 24th July 2019 with my blessing. Thanks pples. The sharing of knowledge is always a powerful tool.

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Jan Hawkins Author

IMG_1063In my study of the Oruncha Spirit Men I have come to appreciate that they are a powerful force to be reckoned with. There are two concepts of who or what the Oruncha Men were (or are). They are a tribal men, who lived apart from their tribe at times and practice their lore, not unlike the Kadaitcha men.

The Kadaitcha and/or Featherfoot are also men of power and authority, men who enforced the Lore of the Spirit world in their deeds and who are feared by the tribes and mobs of traditional tribal Australia. Even to this day they are feared by many of Aboriginal descent.

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