The Adventure Doesn’t Stop – Australia

cover blogWhy go again? Yes… I was asked. Having just done the Lap of Aus’ hubby and I are gearing up to head out again and there are those who wonder why. In a conversation with one of my professional friends, a doctor, I was asked what we plan to do next? The natural assumption in our group of mates as we sat around yarning was that we would now settle down. My friend mentioned how many of her retired patients did the lap and then just wanted to settle down and renew roots. For some this is what travelling around is and it is a wonderful life to have these choices. All part of what is Aussie retirement for so many. When I mentioned that we were off again very shortly, this on a ‘desert run’ I was met with some surprised expressions.

Some thought that we had missed bits of Aus’ because we were travelling with pups and were now off to do those areas, this time. Some thought that we perhaps were headed out for a spot of gem hunting or returning to play at gold prospecting for the adventure of it. Some thought we were just quite mad.

The truth is that there simply is so much of Aus’ to see, so much to experience that the 18 months we took was simply not enough time. Yes, we missed many of the National Parks, yes we want to do a bit of prospecting and yes… we are headed out and have roughly outlined the next 18 months of travel in things we want to see and do. Yes… I said 18 months!

This will of course involve one or two return runs to the Homesite, a few medical appointments and a few visits with family members near and dear and a lot of catching up with friends but it is itchy feet we have. We love the life travelling, its rewards, its mysteries and adventures and its quite times.

Mother DaughterI was sitting in a waiting room the other day for an appointment and as you do… watching others waiting. There was a aged mother and middle aged daughter across from me, both were dressed similarly, both wore almost identical expressions with similar hair cuts appropriate to their age group, both look bored out of their brains and somewhat sadly melancholy. I can’t remember the last time I was melancholy though I am sure there was a time. Places to see, things to do and adventures to have consume my thoughts as I mentally plan our next months.

In that we will be in remote regions it was now time while we are at the Homesite to do the medical, dental, health and welfare checks and as I go through the rote of health and what life demands I long for the quiet of the forests, the slow meander of the rivers and the birds song. I miss the morning carol as the wildlife wakes at dawn and settles at dusk. I miss the sunsets and sunrises cast over so many changing landscapes and I miss the company of travellers. Happy hour is just not the same at the Homesite.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 6.49.09 amThere are things I do enjoy while camped up in the backyard though, things I miss on the road. I miss my wonderful masonry oven that has seen so many gatherings and celebrations. I miss the Grandies… those active little vegemiters but we see them in out travels so it’s not so bad. I know I am going to miss the fur kids… leaving them behind this time is a biggie for us and it is because of this that we have planned a few Homesite runs but it is itchy feet I have.

I am counting the days to our freedom from all that is a part of being on the Homesite, all that I love and yet now missing so much the freedom and adventure of travelling across our land. Not long now for sure.

Travel well

For a listing of the story in our adventures while travelling Aus’, visit the ‘Oldies at Large’ page.

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