Canberra – A Holiday Destination

Parliament House

On this tour we headed to our National Capital with a choice of places that made our Bucket List. My advice is – Plan your visit!  I couldn’t emphasise this more, and you will find Canberra a great place to take kids.

Here are a couple of choice highlights from our week and I hope they fire your imagination because despite it being damn freezing… its been a great week. 

Visiting Shawn the Prawn

Canberra Parliament House is always an eye opener and gives you an appreciation of our Parliament.  I am not a fan of the majority of politicians, nor overbearing authority, but I do enjoy the opportunity to appreciate the mechanics in the workings of our Nation.

Like most places, you need to book into a tour even if they are free. This particularly in these pandemic times and make sure you do this on-line weeks before your visit. The tour of parliament house is highly recommended and even though its just 30 min or so, it does give you an appreciation of the finer detail in government.  Cruising the portrait and history displays in the galleries is an added diversion. They regularly change and they even kept the 13 yr old entertained along with a few political tales about the shenanigans that go on in parliament.  I love the tall marble columns and the fine architecture and also the cafe’ is a delight to spend some time in but examining the enormous tapestry in the Great Hall a constant draw as each visit I discover something new within its visual story.

Shawn the Prawn – Resident

A favourite though is ‘Shawn the Prawn’ along with the other mysteries of Parliament House.  He is an entertaining attraction to be found in the entrance foyer, it is a delight for kids and adults alike to reflect on just how long that little guy has been waiting to become part of our historical repertoire, let alone the quest to simply find him!.

Shawn is a fossil, and can be found bedded in the dark marble at the base of the sweeping stairs leading to the 1st floor galleries.

Reflecting on his personal history as you marvel at his very existence does put a new perspective on the entire experience of a visit to Parliament House, particularly for the budding adults.


The best of Canberra’s entertainment, particularly for kids, is a visit to Questacon the science expo of the country. Questacon continues to add to its interactive displays and is a must for kids. Even adults find it wonderfully entertaining and it truly is great value with entry fees under $20 each. Once again, book a time for entry atm. They were allowing unbooked guests in but these would be the first to be denied entry given any restrictions. 

The interactive musical displays of air-instruments were truly entertaining for us, along with keeping the kids moving through the several galleries, each exploring the many varied aspect of science and physics was as entertaining as it was absorbing.  Watching the grandson trying to his wings was fun and I loved it! I always do.

Playing the Angel

National Museum of Australia

Another visit with free entry is also well worth adding to your itinerary.  There is paid parking during weekdays, but weekends are free and a great time to visit. We found the best entertainment was the interactive coding display where 5 participants learn they need to work as a team, enforcing the concept of team work in coding.  It was delightful and the grandson kept disappearing, back to that display. We found solace in the cafe’ but touring the galleries was also a real entertainment and I highly recommend any visit.

We visited many other places but these were just a few of the best. Canberra holds a great deal in the many things available to do, including those free activities for the bruisers. As a family holiday destination it is really something well worth considering. It is after all an entertaining destination.



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